Julia Mina Photography

Julia Mina Photography

Based In: Sacramento
Business Attributes: Asian Owned, Woman Owned
Photographer: Julia Mina Photography

Julia Mina Photography

Based In: Sacramento
Business Attributes: Asian Owned, Woman Owned

California Elopement Photographer serving:
Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, Redwoods, and all around California.


Hi! My name is Julia and I guide couples to redefine their love story by helping plan their elopement experience. 

Why I Advocate Elopements:

The reason why I advocate elopement is because the day is truly focused on who you are as a couple! If you both like to take hikes together, I think it is important to be able to decide how you want to commit your lives to one another in a setting where you can truly be yourselves. Whether that means bringing your pup or dipping your toes in the water, your elopement day is going to be the anchor of your marriage and it should reflect your relationship.

Because you are going to look back at this day on your anniversary and I want you both to remember how you felt during the hike and how it smelled. My goal is for the images to bring back all the emotions and intimate moments you had together so you two can continue on your journey together during great times and hard times.


Not just your Elopement Photographer:

  • Location Scouting & Research (Custom Location List)
  • Help Research & Apply For Special Use Permits
  • Elopement Timeline & Idea Suggestions
  • Access To Our Vendor List
  • Other Helpful Tips & Resources For Hiking


My husband & I eloped!

My husband and I originally planned or started planning a wedding and every time we had an idea, it was shut down by others saying it was too selfish or unconventional. So we eloped secretly in a courthouse and we really wished someone would have told us that our ideas were awesome and they would help us make it happen. But I appreciate this experience because I know what it feels like to plan something so different from the norm and my goal is to help every couple bring their crazy wedding dream to reality!


Nature has something that takes you straight to your heart and I believe it is the best place to say your vows! If you agree with me, let’s become adventure buddies!

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My fiancé and I were a little nervous about hiring a photographer to do a photoshoot, but we were recommended this photographer based on a friend who saw her work on Instagram. Her photos were so incredible that I was hesitant if she would even consider working with us, but she responded right away and was very enthused. We initially were stuck by how awesome and nice she sounded over the phone. The contract she wrote up was very clear and she was very helpful in walking us through what to expect on our big day. I remembered thinking that she was incredibly professional, well organized, and an excellent communicator. Julia was so exuberant about all the sites we are going to visit for our shoot, but really tailored the final decisions on what best reflected our core interests as a couple and working with the best lighting. One thing that we were especially impressed with was her care and detail in terms of building up a rapport ahead of our elopement day. She also sent us a short survey to fill out to get to know us and as a way to share our story. It was the perfect way to help my fiancé and I rediscover things about each other and remember why we had initially fallen in love. Julia really set the stage for the photoshoot and our elopement to follow to be one of the best experiences of our lives! We spent five hours with her on the day of our elopement. Initially we thought that would be too much time, but in the end, we felt like we could have spent a whole weekend with her. Her enthusiasm and fun nature really allowed the day to feel like a fun adventure with a close friend and the perfect start to our lives together as husband and wife. She also was very experienced in how to guide us during the shoot in a way that felt easy going and natural. We ended up laughing and having a blast the whole day! When we saw the photos were totally blown away!! They were gorgeous – even beyond what we were expecting. Hiring Julia was one of the best investments we made (not just for having the incredible photos to look at and share), but also starting us off on our next adventure in life as a couple. Thank you Julia!!

Kline Swonger

Julia surpassed all of our expectations as our wedding photographer. Starting with the engagement shoot, Julia helped us find our own posing style and made the experience fun all while getting great shots. She easily handled a last minute location change because of the summer wildfires—salvaging the engagement shoot. On our wedding day, Julia and Don did a great job keeping things light and fun while staying focused on getting a great variety of shots. Our photos turned out better than we could have imagined and truly captured the magic of the day. We would love to work with Julia in the future and would highly recommend anyone looking for a wedding photographer to reach out to her.

Danny Perry
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