Jennifer Morgan Photography

Jennifer Morgan Photography

Based In: Colorado
Photographer: Jennifer Morgan Photography

Jennifer Morgan Photography

Based In: Colorado

Trying to describe myself and/or my business in a quirky, eloquent way is about as easy as climbing 5.14, which (at least for me) is impossible.

I can tell you this :
I’m a mid-western transplant to the best place in the world – Colorado. I’m married to the sexiest nerd you’ll ever meet- Bobby Swanson who is a tech guy by day and a volunteer firefighter… always. I’m also a mama to Bryce Oliver – a fiery ginger baby who loves his social life. And Frozen. And falafel.
As a family, we like to pursue the outdoors together and have duels in our living room with our custom wooden wands that one of my favorite couples got for us.

Personally, I have a fixation with juniper trees, Utah deserts, and the feel of sun on my skin. I think I may have been a lizard in another life. I thoroughly enjoy basking (with 50 SPF on, of course).

But seriously though, the one thing I will say about myself is that I 100% have “the Stoke”.
“What is that?” you might ask.
Well, it’s essentially enthusiasm for living.
My constant ability to be awed by both the new and the familiar is something I’m so grateful for.
This life is beautiful, and I love documenting it.

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Jennifer Morgan Photography

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