Hafenliebe Wedding Photography

Hafenliebe Wedding Photography

Based In: Hamburg, Germany
Photographer: Hafenliebe Wedding Photography

Hafenliebe Wedding Photography

Based In: Hamburg, Germany


Are you sick and tired of all the conventions that most people have in mind when it comes to weddings? Want to shape the day for you and not have to please everyone?

You’re looking for a photographer for your small wedding or elopement and you can’t stand those posed, prettified and over-romanticized photos?

I am the one for you!

I want to capture your day in a way that makes you truly feel how it felt and not just how it looked.

Let’s be partners in crime and give the finger to all the “but that’s how you do it”s.



Based in the seaport of Hamburg, Germany. For me, there is nothing like standing on the docks at night, watching the waves crush into the harbour while the city sleeps.

The exploration of the faraway and the experience of the clash and (even more so) the togetherness of cultures has greatly influenced me and my outlook on life.

My work is all about connection, emotion, authenticity and equality.

I love to document intimate (destination) weddings and elopements of creative and adventurous off-beat couples who are madly in love with life and each other.

Throughout my life, I’ve had a number of jobs. Some were fun, others not so much. However, I understood from quite early on that I had to do things my way and do things that were fun and fulfilling for me, so that I wouldn’t feel dull.

Sadly, I experienced that my dad lived for work, and didn’t work for living. He had to leave way too early. I don’t want that kind of life for myself.

A few years ago I found myself on the verge of a burnout and started looking for alternatives, fortunately photography found me.

Working full-time in photography for ten years now, I now can say: I’m very fortunate and privileged to have found this passion in myself and a way to make a living off it.

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Our wedding was a very expected and desired event for us, since it was a destination wedding, our first priority was to have our closest family and friends travel from different parts of the world to get all together in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and second priority was to bring Björn with us.

When thinking about our wedding photographer, we were looking for an artist with a real heart.
It was important to us that our wedding was not just another event to do for him, that we were not just a couple more clients and that our photos were as important to him as they were to us.
We also wanted someone who would see everything with curious eyes and fall in love with every detail of our wedding day, as well as the destination that is so treasured for us. All of this was fulfilled further with Björn, beyond the fact that both of us are also wedding photographers and that we were totally in love with his style and his personality, he really invested everything in us and from the first contact we had with him, we felt his excitement to meet us and when we did, we were video calling another friend and inviting him to our wedding.

He is warm, tremendously loving, kind, respectful and his ambition for travel and sharing everything with us and our family during the days he was photographing is simply priceless to us.
He listened to everything we shared with him, and even though he had 100% artistic creativity to document, he also paid attention to all the details and little things that were important to us.
Each of the photographs we received has soul and is a dear piece of our wedding experience.

We loved how involved he was with our family and friends and we all fell in love with his incredibly beautiful soul. Having Björn as our destination wedding photographer was one of the highlights of this stage of our lives, not only for us but for everyone that was a part of it.

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