Evangeline Lane

Evangeline Lane

Based In: Portugal
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: Evangeline Lane

Evangeline Lane

Based In: Portugal
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

Hey, I’m Evangeline and I’m a California girl who after two years of feeling stuck due to the pandemic decided one day, let’s move to Europe! And off we went to Portugal three weeks later. Now I’m living my dream life and want to help you create your dream elopement. Europe is our oyster, let’s do this!

Look, I’ve always wandered my own path making choices that weren’t the norm and no one would describe me as traditional in any way. I don’t fit into a box and you (and your wedding) don’t have to either.

If you’re looking for an expert at following your heart, a rule-breaker, a hype person to help guide and support you on your own out-of-the-box elopement journey then I’m 100% your girl.

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It's not an overstatement to say that hiring Evangeline for our elopement was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She both fostered the magic and captured it, beautifully. I have never been one to dream of my wedding day, and to my husband and me, the wedding has always seemed unimportant in comparison to what really matters-- our relationship. And so, when we reached out to Evangeline, our approach was, "Well, whatever! Who cares?" Evangeline helped us reframe that, and treat the day as the special thing that it is. She picked up on our preferences, our vibe, what we were comfortable with. She put in SO much time and effort planning and executing what turned out to be the best day in history. Evangeline was our photographer, our officiant, our elopement coordinator/planner, and our guru. She is truly something special!


Evangeline helped us make a special day an unforgettable one. From the very start, she was able to get the right feel about us and what sort of a day would be perfect for us. We had an idea, but her expertise really transformed this into such a beautiful and meaningful experience. Her recommendations and suggestions were spot-on and made for memorable experiences where we took photos. She flowed seamlessly into the activities of the day and it really felt like it was just the two of us. The photos are incredible and are amazed at the quality. This was really the right move for us as we wanted something intimate that would commemorate some really special photos. Don't hesitate to hire Evangeline, you can't go wrong!


Hiring Evangeline was the first decision we made when planning our elopement, and it ended up being the best decision! We felt so comfortable with Evangeline, and she perfectly captured the joy from our special day. The photos turned out beautifully, and every person I show them to is completely blown away. We can't thank Evangeline enough for being part of our wedding!

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