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Based In: Washington
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Echo Photography

Based In: Washington

Hey, I’m Jessi!

I don’t feel like I’m your average wedding photographer. When I first got started, I assisted other photographers to see exactly how “wedding photography” was done. I watched photographer after photographer go through their own ‘routine’ shots, use the same poses for every couple, and I gotta say…. I wasn’t really impressed. I didn’t want to ‘go through the motions,’ because I believe weddings deserve way more than that. I started to feel like this just wasn’t for me. Maybe it was selfish, but I wanted to be more than just a transaction on someone’s wedding day.

It wasn’t until I photographed my first elopement that my eyes were really opened! The couple had actually started off with plans of having a small, intimate wedding in a beautiful location. After tons of planning around their friends and family, they became frustrated that their plans had morphed into something they weren’t even excited about anymore. After several conversations, they decided to have a true elopement, and even chose their wedding date based on my upcoming availability! They decided on their own that a big wedding wasn’t for them, and were able to create a day that truly reflected them as a couple. Isn’t that what every wedding should look like? I was so grateful to be there not only to help with planning and logistics, and creating a timeline, but just to be their biggest supporter in their decision to do what was best for them.

Whether you choose to have a traditional wedding, or you choose to elope, your day is just as important as anyone else getting married. So who cares what people think your day is “supposed to look like.” This is your chance to dream up something that feels authentic to the both of you as a couple. And if adventure runs thick in your blood, then there’s a good chance I’m the photographer for you.

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Jessi was so much more than a photographer! She literally helped us with wedding details and had amazing ideas for our ceremony. We had a little bit of trouble with certain covid restrictions for our wedding plans that we were completely unaware of.. we had been to the Colorado hiking trails pre-covid and did not need a hiking pass in which they implemented this year. Luckily we found out about this reading comments in the all trails app and Jessi was so insanely flexible, calm, professional and honestly kept our heads on straight the entire way! On the day of our wedding at the trailhead, she came right up to the family before I (the fashionably late bride) had even arrived and introduced herself to the entire family. Everyone was so impressed with how punctual and extremely awesome she was! Her personality meshed with our’s so much! We had a larger elopement group than some, it was my husband and I, his brother and his wife, both of our parents and our friend and his girlfriend. It was the most amazing day, I could not have asked for a better experience!! We got back our sneak peak photos so quickly, which we didn’t even expect and my husband and I were completely blown away by how gorgeous they are!!! We’re obsessed and we can’t even pick out a favorite! Jessi is a phenomenal person to have a part of your wedding party, she keeps all the bridezilla vibes away and we always told everyone she was our wedding coordinator because she really was! You get more than amazing, breathtaking photos when you hire Jessi. I’m so glad we went with her!

Anna Marie

Jessi was an absolute blessing to work with. I was stuck between her and another photographer for a surprise proposal to my girlfriend. Her work speaks for itself and after talking with her over zoom, I knew I had found the perfect person to capture our special moment. From the get go, she was so helpful and eased my worries about the day. Jessi is extremely knowledgeable on all things in the PNW. I had never even stepped foot in the state of Washington before, so that was a lifesaver! When we finally landed on a location (only a week before #indecisive), we came up with a solid gameplan on how it would play out. She went to the location and sent me a full video on the path to take, where to lay our blanket, the whole nine yards. Again, it goes to show how above and beyond she goes for her clients. The actual proposal couldn't have been more flawless. She captured every moment of it and popped out from behind the trees she was hiding behind. My girlfriend, Emily, had no idea any of it was happening. We took some photos in our hiking clothes then changed into nice clothes and jumped into an engagement session. Jessi took us on a 4 mile hike full of mountains, ponds, and ended in the rainforest for some champagne. The whole time she made Em and I feel comfortable and captured the pure joy from the day. It was very important to me to find an LGBTQ+ friendly photographer and Jessi is the one. She is also a "Leave No Trace" aware photographer--winning!! This is absolutely an investment you want to make; Emily and I cherish our photos and cannot wait to display them in our home. I can't say enough amazing things about Jessi. She is the epitome of talent in all aspects of photography and is a must to book when capturing the moments so special in life.

Rebecca Richart

Jessi deserves the highest praise! We met Jessi a few years prior at a friend’s wedding. We were so impressed with her pictures, personality, and ability to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera.We even used a picture from that wedding for our Save the Dates! Fast forward to 2020, Jessi truly stepped up when COVID hit and we had to completely alter our wedding plans. Without hesitation, Jessi was ready to travel to Alaska for the adventure of a lifetime. She was always a phone call away when planning and she made the day of our elopement so much fun. Jessi also had great input for ideas and helped me feel so calm the day of. She matched our energy throughout the whole planning process and never once pushed us outside of our comfort zone. The final pictures were breathtaking and we cannot rave about her and her talent enough. We will absolutely be recommending her to all of our friends! If you are looking for a photographer that can hike a mountain but also wrangle a large wedding party (if needed), Jessi is the photographer for you!

Elizabeth Baldwin

My fiancée was in secret contact with Jessi for months before our proposal. We were out of town guests and she went above and beyond to help my fiancé find the perfect location and time of day. He was so impressed with her communication before hand and also the day of the proposal. She could not have picked a more beautiful spot at sunset! We got engaged at Craggy Pinnecles in Asheville NC. We took a short hike to a beautiful overlook where Jessi was waiting with her camera pretending to be shooting a friend. My fiancé says he truly could not have done the proposal without her! Once he proposed she spent a couple more hours with us taking pictures where she made us feel comfortable and excited as she gushed over us while taking our pictures! She even went as far as to bring us champagne and glasses for a romantic and fun cork popping moment. Her level of excitement during the entire photo shoot made our moment so special and sincere. As she led us back down the hike, continuing to take our pictures as we walked, she surprised us with a nice box of chocolates which we enjoyed afterwards. My fiancé and I couldn’t wait to see our pictures but based off of our friends and families experience with other photographers we expected it to be weeks or months before seeing a single shot. However, Jessi sent us a huge sample the very next morning!!! We were so excited and In love with every single shot. While the pictures did not need much editing due to the beautiful scenery, we could tell how much time Jessi had spent making them perfect and her attention to detail was excellent! We received the rest of our pictures a short couple of weeks later and received more pictures than we could have ever hoped for! We will continue to look back at this moment through the pictures for the rest of our lives and could not have done it without Jessi! I would highly recommend her for ANY photography needs. Her work is above and beyond and I’m even hoping to sneak her away to our wedding in Kentucky!

Katie Arnett

Jessi - just absolutely incredible. My husband and I have always been so awkward in front of a camera, a ton of engagement photos with another photographer would prove that to you! When Jessi arrived, she was so relaxed but also ecstatic at the same time. Her energy and direction were exactly what we needed. My biggest worry going into a COVID wedding was that we were literally getting married in our garage, with photos in our backyard. Somehow Jessi was able to find the perfect lighting and backdrops even in these conditions. She is by FAR the best photographer I have ever worked with, and can't wait to hire her again for our maternity shoot (someday)!

Tirzah Boyle

Where do I even begin? Jessi came into our lives in the summer of 2019 in Washington State. My fiancé at the time had hired her for an adventure/engagement shoot a few days after we got engaged. I was very nervous about being photographed with someone I never met and having to be affectionate on camera. From the second we met Jessi all those nerves and fears went away. She said “think of me as your hiking buddy and just be yourself”. There were no expectations and she just allowed us to be “us”. That day we hiked mount Rainer in Washington state and she captured some of the most stunning photos on that foggy evening. We chatted with her throughout and she learned about our journey and lives as we did hers. After an amazing evening hiking we could not wait to see what she would capture . We received our photos within a week of our shoot. They were pure magic. Fast forward to 2020 and we are planning our wedding. We contact Jessi and plan to use her for our upstate NY wedding. Covid hits and our large wedding plans changed. We scrambled to wonder what type of wedding we would have and if we would have to wait a year for every thing to blow over. Jessi from the start always emphasized how special elopements were and that we should consider it if we could envision something outside the traditional box. After thinking it over we decided why not road trip to North Carolina (where Jessi currently resides) bring our dog Loki and elope! Jessi was with us every step of the way. She helped us navigate from a far and even checked out the area prior to, to check off any boxes we may have missed. The day of the wedding she arrived right on time to our Airbnb in Asheville and the photos began! She always captures us in the most authentic ways that truly tell a story when you look back at the photos. She kept us on time, looking fresh, and even helped us get ready when we arrived on top of the mountain. Jessi always has unique ideas throughout day that will make your jaw drop when you see how it appears through her lens. We are so grateful to have found her and have her in our lives. We will continue to find ways to use her in the future and will always recommend her over and over again. Jessi thank you for all that you do and being there for us throughout all of our changes. You are truly the best❤️

Traci and Kay
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