Claudia Noelle Photography

Claudia Noelle Photography

Based In: Seattle, WA
Photographer: Claudia Noelle Photography

Claudia Noelle Photography

Based In: Seattle, WA

I am a PNW wedding and elopement photographer for the incredibly in-love. I’m here to celebrate YOU and capture your dream wedding celebration, no matter what that looks like. I’m here to assist you in crafting a remarkable wedding celebration. I’m pro-intentional celebrations, anti-big production wedding anxiety. I’m here to say YES to your inspiring ideas and capture your vision with an artistic touch.

What You Can Expect:

When you work with me, you get more than just another wedding vendor. You get a friend who is there from the early planning stages through the day you get married. You get someone who is in your corner, ready to support you through all of the emotions. You get someone who will accurately tell your unique love story through thoughtful images. Entrusting someone with telling your story is no small task, and I take that very seriously. My promise to you is that I will provide a top-notch service every time and that the Claudia Noelle experience is like no other.

My Promise To You:

Photographing a wedding or elopement is an emotional investment to me. I genuinely want to get to know you! Clients love that I can be a calming presence when things are stressful, but I can also hype you up and party at your side! When you book me as your photographer, you are entrusting someone who deeply cares about your love story. A professional and friend who is obsessed with documenting you in an authentic way. And believe me, I do not take that responsibility lightly! I promise to empower you to dream BIG and create a day that feels totally you.

What I Love About Being A PNW Elopement Photographer:

The PNW is home to some of the most beautiful places on this planet, so I love being able to capture love stories as couples are immersed in nature. What I love even more is that each couple I work with has a unique story that I get to help them tell. I get to build real connections with the people I meet. Photographing a wedding or elopement is an emotional investment to me. That means that I want to get to know you leading up to your wedding day and get to know your friends and family on your day. I will do everything to make you feel at ease, knowing that everything is taken care of and that I will help you to adapt if something doesn’t go according to plan. Clients love that I can be a calming presence when things are stressful, but I can also hype you up and party at your side! When you book me as your photographer, you are entrusting someone who truly cares to capture some of the most important moments of your life. And believe me, I do not take that responsibility lightly!

Learn More About Me:

Photography is more than just a hobby or career to me, it is an integral part of who I am as a person. A family friend introduced me to photography in the 7th grade. When I got my own camera shortly after, I was hooked! By the age of 16, I knew this was my destiny. I jumped right into assisting wedding photographers in college and went full-time after graduating. I haven’t looked back since! Being a photographer has taught me a lot about life and the pure magic that is human connection. I’m regularly inspired by my couples and cherish my personal connections more because of it!

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"I've admired Claudia's work from afar for a long time before I was even engaged! She's very professional - she knows what she's doing which is so incredibly helpful not only on your wedding day, but in engagement photos & feeling comfortable! You don't want to be thinking about how to pose, how to get your bridal party to pose, etc and Claudia leads with respect, and also authority! It's the best combo that allows you to trust her. She'll be your friend, not just your photographer. She'll laugh with you, cry with you & share the intimate moments of your big day with you. I wanted our wedding to feel intimate in the way that we could look around at EVERYONE there and know them (the Dj, the MC, photographer, etc) and Claudia gives you the opportunity to experience friendship which is really special. I could go on and on about who Claudia is as a person, and the cherry on top is the product that she provides. She is extremely talented. I LOVE her style of editing, and beyond that her ability to capture moments that speak a thousand words! It's more than you can imagine, and brings you back to moments on your day that you'll never forget through her photography. Book her, be friends with her - it'll be the best decision!!!!"

Mallori + Brian

"I honestly don’t know where to start… I guess the best place would be to begin by saying that choosing the use Claudia for our engagement & wedding photos was one of the best decision we made when it comes to our wedding.
My husband and I had the privilege to be in wedding parties for weddings photographed by Claudia in 2019 and 2021 so when it came time to choosing who we wanted as our photographer for our fall 2022 wedding we knew we had to have her. Whether you are the couple getting married, in the wedding party, a family member or a friend attending she has a way of making anyone she photographs feel comfortable.
Not only are you relaxed during your wedding photo shoots, but the photographs turn out amazing! I constantly find myself looking back at our photos and I could not wait to print them out and hang them up in our home the second we received them. We consistently find ourselves getting compliments on them from others on them and are SOOOO HAPPY we used her for our photos! She also let us include our dog on our wedding day which was amazing!
We could not recommend highly enough!"

Tyler + Parker

"The best decision we made for our wedding was hiring Claudia as our photographer.
Claudia is not only incredibly talented, she’s also so sweet, easy to work with, and makes you feel super comfortable in front of the camera (even if you’re a little awkward like me). First, she went above and beyond for our engagement photos. I was super impressed! Then she absolutely blew us away with our wedding photos. It was pouring down rain and freezing the day of our wedding, but you would never know because of how beautiful our pictures turned out. I’m obsessed with them and get compliments all the time about how amazing they are.
I could go on, but let me just finish by saying, Claudia is hands down the BEST photographer! You will not regret having her shoot your wedding."

Shannon + Josh

"Before I was even engaged people told me that my biggest investment for my wedding should be my photographer because the memories will inevitably blur but the photos will be forever. So I knew going into wedding planning that's what I was going to focus on.
I picked Claudia for a number of reasons: I liked that she was around my age so I felt like we could connect better, I loved the tone of her photos and she had photographed a mutual friend's wedding and got rave reviews from them.
My now husband absolutely hates photos of himself so I already knew that engagement photos were going to be like pulling teeth and then of course, the PNW weather made it even more difficult. Luckily, Claudia is so flexible and we were able to find a plan c to get them done. My husband had an absolute blast during our engagement session with her. So much that he said he wanted to do it again -- a rare occurrence. She does such an amazing job making you feel comfortable, and I think that's the main reason my husband enjoyed the engagement session so much.
I knew that going into the wedding day, your photographer helps set the tone for the day, and I wasn't even worried because I knew Claudia would not disappoint. She made everything run smoothly and it felt effortless taking a zillion photos the day of.
I have received so many compliments on my photos, and people asking for more information so they could connect with Claudia. My Man of Honor is using her as well based on our recommendation! I cannot rave about Claudia enough. I promise you that you won't be disappointed.
And also she loves dogs and let him be included so what more could you ask for."

Kylee + Jesse

"I cannot say enough great things about Claudia and the images she captured of our wedding. My husband and I initially reached out to Claudia in a bit of a panic when we received the images from our engagement shoot with a different photographer and they were not the quality we wanted for our wedding. Claudia felt like a long shot- like getting a Superbowl ticket the week before the game. Miraculously she was available, and quickly met with us to understand who we were as a couple and what we were looking for on our wedding day. Despite never having worked with us before our wedding day, she made us feel comfortable behind the camera, captured genuine moments, and corralled our rowdy friends and family with ease. It is also important to note that our wedding day was a scorcher, so she was working quickly with sweaty people who trying to get the photo session over quickly. I remember being worried that we rushed it in our eagerness to get a cold beverage and out of our hot clothes, and how could she have possibly captured quality photos in that length of time? Turns out, I had no reason to be concerned. Our photos are stunning, and now the only thing I am worried about is having too many framed wedding photos in our house, because there’s no way I can choose just a few favorites. And the sneak peaks! She delivered the equivalent of a whole wedding album worth of sneak peaks in no time at all. Claudia is professional, fun, kind, and a true artist- in short, just book her. You won’t regret it."

Stephanie + Chase

"Ohhhh my gosh, words cannot express how fond I am of Claudia and her work. From the moment we first chatted on the phone, I felt like I was speaking to a friend and that continued each time we saw her. We all know how awkward photos can be, especially for myself and my husband, who are not the most expressive people, but we instantly felt at ease and sincerity shines through in Claudia's photos.
For our wedding, we had a very intimate wedding (30 people) it felt like Claudia was a friend. She was social and supportive but never off her game, capturing every moment you could possibly want to have remembered forever. Looking at the sneak peeks she sent us - just WOW. We are so beyond happy we found her and that she was still available and we cannot wait to see her again for post wedding pics and many anniversary shoots to come!!
To any brides to be - please do not sacrifice on your photographer. Find someone who let's you and your partner shine and who takes all the stress and worries away. For us, that was Claudia!!"

Christine + Shawn

"Claudia was absolutely wonderful! Her photos captured every emotion throughout our big day (and our engagement too!). The photos alone made us smile and laugh reliving all the wonderful moments she captured so perfectly! We were so worried everything would feel fake or staged, but not once did it feel that way. Claudia knew how to make us feel at ease and just be ourselves, no matter how weird!
We laughed. We danced. We sang songs. All the while, Claudia was there cheering us on to be ourselves. With a little direction, the photos of our weirdness became beautiful portraits of our love for eachother, our family and friends. I'm so thankful we chose Claudia to capture our big day and our celebration of our engagement! I'm not sure anyone else would be able to provide us with such awesome real photos of us just being us.
THANK YOU CLAUDIA! For everything!"

Kiesha + Luke
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