Cascadian Exposures

Cascadian Exposures

Based In: Seattle, Washington
Photographer: Cascadian Exposures

Cascadian Exposures

Based In: Seattle, Washington

Hey there! My name is Heather McDaniel and I am the photographer and PNW elopement guide behind Cascadian Exposures. Based out of Seattle, Washington, I help adventurous laid-back couples forge their own path to the epic elopement of their dreams – whether that means backpacking along the trail you met each other, taking a seaplane high above the San Juan Islands, scaling the rugged Oregon coastlines, or simply finishing the day with tacos and craft beer – so be it.

I’ve been in your shoes…

I’ve been exactly where you’re standing now- right there at the fork in the trail, exhausted and trying to figure what decision to make next. When my fiancé, Brandon, and I were first engaged and began planning our wedding we quickly decided the large traditional wedding wasn’t for us. So we paired down our guest list and booked a beautiful snowy Leavenworth wedding nestled in the foothills of the Cascades. Many sleepless nights worrying over fine details later, the experience became nothing but frustrating. We began dreading our wedding day; something was off, it didn’t feel like us.

So we cancelled it all to elope.

It was the best decision. The stress melted away and we finally were excited about our wedding. Despite cutting a guest list, I no longer felt alone. I felt free. Free to celebrate exactly how, where, and with who we wanted to.

This is why I whole heartedly believe in what I do. I know the joy that lies on the other side of that trail junction. I hope for the same excitement for everyone that makes the brave decision to elope. I don’t want you to miss a thing… including the fun that should be had on your wedding day.

Before there was Cascadian Exposures, there was me exploring every trail I could find, camera in hand. As a native Washingtonian who grew up in a small mountain town, I love nothing more than just existing amongst the pines and letting my cares fall away. This is home for me. My second home? Oregon: a completely unexpected home but in my years living there I discovered the real and sometimes hidden beauty. Whether you’re considering a Washington or Oregon elopement, I’ve got the inside scoop.

When I’m not starting my next adventure, you might find me at home cuddled up with Brandon and our pups, catching some rays paddle boarding, or maybe I’m just down the street at our local brewery checking out the new food truck of the week. I’ll do anything for tacos or sushi. Well, almost anything.

While I’m fueled exploring somewhere new, I live for laughter. One of my commitments to Brandon is to make him laugh every day. Sometimes this is even in the middle of an argument; it offers a brief pause to remember what matters. Trust me, even when things get tough, we’re going to laugh. You can’t take life too seriously.

What I do take seriously…

…love is love, reducing my environmental footprint, preserving our national park lands for future generations, education is never ending, practicing kindness, following your passions, and forging your own path.

Ultimately, I’m here to help you embrace your weird quirky selves and let that translate into how you choose to celebrate on your wedding day.

This is the important part…

Our relationship means everything to me; any stranger can take your photograph, but they cannot capture you for who you really are. They cannot capture your soul. I take a journalistic approach to documenting your wedding day because it is my mission to tell your story. Your wedding day is not a photoshoot and I most certainly will not approach this most memorable emotional day as such. You’re about to have to the most amazing time of your life. Come exactly as you are.

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Heather is an incredibly talented photographer and we definitely recommend her. She made us feel so comfortable so we were able to loosen up and be ourselves. Her communication was excellent through the whole experience and we LOVE her commitment to sustainability through her work. We would absolutely work with Heather again!

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