Candida & Max Jan Photography

Candida & Max Jan Photography

Based In: Germany
Photographer: Candida & Max Jan Photography

Candida & Max Jan Photography

Based In: Germany

We are Candida & Max Jan, a married photographer couple living in Germany, capturing real love and emotions worldwide. We are a couple since 2003 and celebrated our own big day in 2015.
Our photography is about People – about you. Exploring these sparkling, intimate, funny, and beautiful moments and about finding your infinite LOVE for each other right in front of us.
But this is about more than just wedding photography.
It’s about the beautiful love story you are telling every day, just by being together. It’s about the butterflies in your stomach, the goosebumps, and the tears of joy. It’s about supporting you to create the day of your dreams. Your wedding day should be as precious and irreplaceable as the person you are celebrating it with.
We won’t put you in some kind of unnatural or stiff poses or fake situations because that is not what our work is about or what we like. We love to connect with you and get to know you. To be honest, we want to know just everything about you and your common adventures. All these tiny details, these little signs, and personal emotions really make our hearts beat faster.
We love to be part of your special and unforgettable day. We want to guide you to be your person of contact and above all, to be your friends who attend your wedding. We love to catch all those special moments in pictures and give you memories of all your feelings and emotions, lasting your whole life together.
Long story short: You guys, butterflies, LOVE to the moon and back. That’s it.

If you need further inspiration on planning your special day, feel free to read our Elopement Planning Guide. Here are even more helpfull guides that wull make planning your amazing wedding day way easier.

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