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Callie Riesling Photography

Based In: Colorado
Photographer: Callie Riesling Photography

Callie Riesling Photography

Based In: Colorado

Adventure Photography is becoming more of a common thing these days… so why pick me among many? I believe that Adventure isn’t a specific activity or style. It’s an attitude. It’s the way you do life…. an all in kind of attitude.

My name is Callie Riesling, I own Callie Riesling Photography, but I also photograph every wedding, edit every photo, answer all of my own emails, do my social media etc. So when you hire me, you are paying for me. And because of that, you are always getting my personal investment in you. I want to know you. I want to know your dog’s name. I want to hear about your adventures… and no I’m not JUST talking about the kick ass hikes you go on or the amazing places you’ve been. I’m talking about the adventure of doing life as a couple… all the way from broken water heaters and flat tires to your long drives up to camp in your favorite spot, buying your first home together and even after the wedding the adventures you take as a married couple. I want to be a part of that. I want you to text me with your awesome news (and bad/sad news too) and I want to see all of the cool places you explore. I don’t want to JUST be your photographer, I want to be someone who invests in you and builds you up and supports you and your marriage!

I have been in business for 11+ years and have photographed 300+ weddings all over Colorado, the US and even internationally in places like Ireland! I am a Colorado native and I LOVE my state and everything that comes with it. I have been married for 10 years to my handsome man and we have our old man Chocolate Lab Bauer (after the hockey brand, not Eddie Bauer lol) and our almost 6 year old little boy Jake. He is quite the adventurer too! He has been to 32 countries in his first 5 years (including 2020 with no travel 😉 )

My approach to photography is a bit different than most as I go for authenticity and joy while still guiding my clients to do so in a flattering way. For engagement sessions, we do adventure sessions… where I’ve photographed everything from sunrise paddle boarding on an alpine lake, to jeeping, snowboarding, dirt bikes, fishing, surfing, hiking… all of it. I also have worked with several Rockies players and fans and have done sessions and weddings at Coors Field for years so Rockies games are also fair game for your adventure. If your idea of an adventure is cozying up in a cabin together or going to your favorite local brewery for a beer or playing with your pup in the mountains, I am there. I just love photographing people doing things that THEY love. Adventure doesn’t fit in some specific box of a certain type of activity or person, you don’t have to be a certain body type or shop at a certain store, I just ask that you show up with an open mind ready to have fun.

On your wedding day, I treat it the exact same way whether it is a massive wedding, an intimate wedding or an elopement… my job is to host the couple. Yes, the photos are massively important, but on wedding days, I’ve helped brides zip up their dresses and facetime their families. I make sure my couples eat and have water. I’ve given my
clients everything from hand warmers to scissors to water. I’ve gotten mud and snow out of trains and spilled red wine out of dresses. I’ve been one of 200 witnesses and I’ve been the only witness to a self solemnization. I’ve bustled dresses, repaired bouquets, fixed hair and smudged makeup, cleaned up rose petals to LNT, put on a gazillion boutineers and have even driven the bride’s jeep with her in the rear trunk with the door open. My job is about FAR more than producing beautiful photos. It is about truly hosting the couple and making sure that they have the best day that they can. Yes, we always get epic photos… but my job is to be whatever you need on your wedding day. I truly do believe that I can make your wedding experience go from good to awesome.

I’ve photographed weddings and sessions in 13 states and Puerto Rico. I’ve worked in a few other countries too.
Wherever I go, whatever kind of wedding I am doing… I am focused on:

1. Making your wedding day experience the best it can be.

2. Making the photos something that you can FEEL. A HUGE part of my personal style really has to do with the feel of photos. I want people… even complete strangers to FEEL the joy in your adventure and the love between you. It should be a feeling that I can’t shake, that you can’t shake and anyone (again even people who don’t know you) who sees your photos can’t shake. But the clothing needs to accentuate your story, the story of the day and who you are as a couple to be believable and to allow us to get to that emotional feeling in the photo.

3. Combining all of that with an EPIC backdrop.

I can’t wait to get to know you more and hear all about your incredible plans.

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Callie exceeding my expectations at our engagement and weddings photos. She was able to capture the happiness and love while making my wife and myself feel comfortable and confident in our own skin. On our wedding day she captured moments from every angle, I have no idea how but as we were looking through them after she was absolutely spot on with capturing the right angle at the right times and the quality of her photos were like looking at real life. We both will forever be thankful we chose Callie to photograph our special day.

Carson Giles

I have so many things to say about Callie, it’s hard to find a place to begin! I had followed Callie for years on social media and was in awe at not only the quality of her photos but also at how curated each session was to her client’s lives. When my now husband proposed, Callie was the first vendor I reached out to. My husband and I live a life covered in dirt — he races dirt bikes at a professional level, it’s how we met, and it’s what we spend most of our free time doing. When planning our wedding, I knew we wouldn’t want to be just the pretty posed people in fancy, clean clothing. Callie’s photography style fit our lives PERFECTLY! She had us ride a dirt bike on our wedding day and get completely epic shots that match us to a T — every single photo is so amazing that my favorite changes daily. The other thing to know about Callie is that her bio here is truly her. When you hire her, she’s all in. She helped me figure out our timeline for the day, she answered all my wedding related questions, and on our wedding day she went above and beyond. She was on the ground with dryer sheets getting the static out of my dress, she helped my mom bustled my train, she checked on me when I had a headache...AND she captured photos we will literally cherish for a life time. With Callie, you are guaranteed amazing photos that capture exactly who you are as a couple, and you are definitely promised someone who will care about your day as much as you do! Callie is definitely a life long friend of ours now!

Corrie Giles

Callie is simply the best, there are no other words for it! Planning a wedding in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic was stressful to say the least, and Callie was far and above the most accommodating, selfless vendor that we had. I knew that I could trust her to take care of absolutely everything and it was a weight off my shoulders to have one less thing to worry about. Not to mention, her photos are stunning. I still can't believe how beautiful they turned out; she captured my husband and myself perfectly throughout the entire day. There's no one else I would ever recommend and I can't thank Callie enough for capturing our day so perfectly!

Rachael Fleming

If you don’t read my whole review just know this, Callie is AMAZING! She’s the reason our wedding was able to happen, and I do not say that lightly! We couldn’t have asked for better photos, she captured the moment so perfectly!! Every time I look at our pictures I can feel the emotions and how special each moment was! She knows what she is doing and is worth every penny!! Not only did our wedding pictures come out stunning but Callie is one of the most sweet and caring people I have ever met! She was really flexible on date changes and possible venue changes. I encourage you to read what I’m about to post because it will give you a great idea of how wonderful she is and how she is so much more than just our photographer. I’m one of many covid brides which was a nightmare in itself but the hurdles that came with it were extra stressful! We were originally supposed to get married in July 2020 but come May we made the decision to postpone to September 2020. About six weeks before the wedding, we ALMOST postponed to 2021 mainly because our wedding planner was telling me if they saw anything they didn’t like or people breaking the “rules”, I.E people not social distancing or not wearing masks, that they may walk out on us, ON OUR WEDDING DAY. We were told that most of our current vendors at the time would do the same.. even though our wedding was almost entirely outdoors. (PS Callie was NOT one of these vendors)They were not really willing to budge much on anything. As a bride you can imagine that was a nightmare knowing I had a wedding team who could potentially ruin our entire day. Ironically, Callie had reached out to me right after I was told all of this and she came to the rescue. When I spoke to Callie about it she asked how she could help, and we went over options together and after everything said and done she was able to help me gather an entirely new team, 6 weeks out from the wedding, who understood our wants and needs to for the wedding, while still being able to do things responsibly and in a safe way! I told her what type of vendors I needed and she gave the best contacts! I was able to cut ties with several of my original vendors and get all new ones! I ended up with the most amazing wedding team, from our wedding planner Tresa Taysom from Always and Forever Weddings, our florist Cheri from Southern Charm Colorado, and our DJ Brian Hepperle from HespsDJ & Porta Party Photo Booth, and it was all thanks to Callie. So when I say she is the reason we were able to get married and have the wedding for our dreams, I mean it. I will forever be grateful for all the hard work she put in for us. She is SO much more than a photographer, she goes above and beyond for her clients in ways she would never be expected to! Obviously, I cannot say enough great things about her!

Stephanie Boyce

Callie was our photographer for our engagement photos, wedding ceremony in 2020, and upcoming wedding reception in 2021, and we could not be more impressed by her talent and professionalism. Planning and executing a wedding in 2020 during a pandemic was not easy, but Callie was honestly the bright spot of what was otherwise a stressful and confusing planning period! She was extremely flexible and understanding, and made navigating the 2020 ceremony/2021 reception seamless and as painless as it could be. She helped me map out photos I definitely wanted in 2020 versus ones I wanted to do only in 2021 during the reception portion, is an expert on the locations we chose to shoot our photos (both engagement and wedding) in Vail County and Summit County , and is an excellent communicator throughout the planning process. Callie has an intimate knowledge of Colorado and the most beautiful and pristine locations our gorgeous state has to offer. This is honestly SO valuable! She will provide recommendations, feedback/examples from past locations, and help you pick the perfect spot for your photos. She also will make you and your fiancé/spouse feel so comfortable and beautiful – we honestly had a BLAST during our sessions with Callie and still talk about how much fun we had. I could go on and on about how wonderful Callie is – but you really need to select her and find out for yourself – it will be the best wedding planning decision you make, I promise!

Kristin Milardo Ellis

As a fellow vendor, I can't say enough great things about Callie and the level of integrity she brings to her business. She truly cares about her couples and goes above and beyond to make sure they are comfortable and taken care of, even if it means getting detail shots in 3 degree weather because that's where the lighting was best! Covid clearly has been hard on so many small businesses, as well as couples and Callie has worked hard to accommodate her couple's last minute changes, postponements, as well as new couples looing to book. She also has really great connections with other vendors who offer the same caliber of service to help you move through the process. Go ahead and stop your search, because Callie is the best of the best!


Callie is extraordinary in so many ways and you cannot go wrong with choosing her for your big day, event, or even family photos!! You name it she will make it happen. She is outstanding! First off, I don’t ever write reviews and second, I’m mad that it has taken me a literal month to write ours for the wedding because our team of vendors were the greatest!! We loved Callie so much and I’ve been a little in denial that it is all over!! Callie has changed our life! During our engagement session, I knew she was the perfect fit for us because we did snow angels together and she made my big burly man not look so awkward with photos and instead we all just had fun.This is huge because the bond we created with her from the beginning was phenomenal. She 100% supported us through all the chaos and planning moments leading up to the wedding and the day of. She always listened, offered to help or gave great suggestions, and gave us nonstop reassurance when things fell apart due to COVID and planning. Callie even helped me find a hair and makeup team after I had unsuccessful trials!! She even put her husband to work at helping us with small video clips since we couldn't have my Hubby's family there at the last minute; he was great too! She knows this business inside and out and will do her best to tailor whatever she can and give you that special day you've always dreamed of :) Callie is there for you --> the bride and the groom <-- she is there to make your day perfect and she without a doubt accomplished that for us. The day of the wedding we had a few major wrenches thrown our way and she handled them/me like a champ. Just to give you an example of how astounding she truly is, somehow she managed to capture play by play photos of red wine being spilled on my wedding dress; Callie had the bar and my girls already running for all the soda water so that by the time I walked off the dancefloor in complete laughter and shock everything we needed to get the wine out of the dress was there.....The best part is that it worked and Callie herself was on her knees pouring and blotting just like all my bridesmaids!! Honestly, she was my right hand man and my rock the day of the wedding. She filtered people to and from us if needed and put us at ease with any worries we had. Callie constantly asked what we needed or what she could do for us and truly made us both feel like we were all that mattered. She undoubtedly is priceless and worth every penny :) Now our photos, WOW, they are a whole other topic!!! I may be a little biased but they are BREATHTAKINGLY GORGEOUS, we both feel like we belong in a magazine! We cannot wait for all the others because the sneak peeks are fantastic. Callie had the timeline perfect for our outdoor winter wedding. We love how she captured all aspects of us and all the things that we love and what makes us who we are. And that makes the pictures even more perfect. We will forever cherish our new friendship with such an amazing human. We are also forever grateful for her and making all our wedding dreams a reality! I promise You cannot go wrong with Callie!

Kate Mobley

I've followed Callie's work since the very beginning, waiting for my own opportunity to book her as my wedding photographer. When my husband and I got engaged, Callie was the first person I told. We booked our date and worked our entire wedding budget around having Callie as our photographer. Yes, she's worth all of that and more!! Callie's style and genuine love for her clients and is just unlike any other photographer I've ever come across, taking the time to truly see and understand you as a couple. She drove 8 hours round trip to our favorite camping spot in Crested Butte in the peak of wildflower season to shoot our engagement photos simply because it's where I had always dreamed of taking them. Not only did she endure insane Colorado weather (rain, sleet, hail, sun, repeat) for several hours, but our photos truly convey the goofy and adventurous personalities of me and my husband. We had a BLAST, and our memory of that day is filled with so much joy, laughter, and love. Being a 2020 bride was straight up stressful and heartbreaking, but Callie was worth more than her weight in gold for just how helpful and supportive she was throughout everything that was thrown at us. She checked in on me consistently and always asked if there were ways she could help. She encouraged me when I just didn't feel like I could handle one more COVID related wrench thrown at me, including bridesmaids suddenly not being able to attend at the last minute. Callie took time out of her very busy days to just listen to the hurt that COVID was sending our way that no one else could understand. She even helped me figure out my day of timeline for our wedding since I didn’t have a wedding planner and was found attaching our altar arrangement after it had been forgotten about. She trudged in and out of ravines with very slippery, wet leaves to get the perfect shot she had in mind, endured the freezing cold Tennessee weather without complaint, and even got out the mud from my train before our ceremony. Callie also edited candle flames back into our photos because she knew I had been bummed that the weather kept us from being able to light them for our reception. She blew my expectations out of the water with our wedding day photos, and I already had high expectations for them. Callie’s attention to the details that make beautiful photos is incredible, and her editing skills are unmatched. I love her eye for color. The forest we were married in on family property simply looks magical in our photos, which is exactly the way I have always seen it. Our photos are unlike any other wedding photos I’ve ever seen, our joy and our love for each other clearly evident in every single one. Callie’s goal was to make sure we had actual fun taking them, which meant lots of laughs and possibly a good couple of candid shots of us sticking out our tongues at each other. Ya, we are those people… Our engagement and wedding day photos are ones we will cherish forever, proudly and prominently displaying them everywhere in our home for the rest of our lives. I truly believe that Callie’s work is incredible because she wholeheartedly believes in the beauty of marriage and looks at her job as a photographer as the storyteller of the beginning of your marriage. I will always treasure the stunning photos and cherished memories we have because of Callie. Her work is perfection; her friendship absolutely priceless.

Sarah Behrenberg

Callie is single-handedly the best decision we could have made while planning for our wedding this year!! She is extraordinary in her work and makes the entire process effortless. Words can’t explain how incredibly talented and passionate Callie is about her work.. Just look at any photo she’s ever taken and you’ll know what I mean! She truly does devote her entire soul to making sure the bride & groom’s day is absolutely perfect. Not only does she capture every moment of your day, but she is also the most kind, supportive & trusting person. She helped keep me calm, on schedule & reminded me to “be a bride” often. I can’t thank her enough for making my entire day a dream come true. We couldn’t have pictured celebrating our big day without her by our side. We met Callie and her beautiful family on a cruise back in 2019 when we booked her for an island photo shoot. After instantly connecting, we knew we had made friends for life! As soon as Scott popped the question, we knew exactly who we wanted to photograph our wedding! Callie was so excited for us & determined to make it work! She took the time to drive out from Colorado to New Hampshire and spent the entire weekend celebrating with us.. They truly are like family to us! From just the few photos we’ve seen from the day, we’re in awe. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store!! If you’re still looking for a photographer, STOP now & book Callie. I promise it will be the BEST decision you’ll make!!!

Ashley Robidoux
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