Ashley Green Photography

Ashley Green Photography

Based In: Massachusetts
Photographer: Ashley Green Photography

Ashley Green Photography

Based In: Massachusetts

Hey what’s up hello!

A little about me …

Self-professed crazy cat lady over here. My boyfriend and I recently got engaged after being together for almost 10 years and we’re starting to plan our own wedding for 2022! We have four (!!!) cats — two older ginger boys and then quarantine got the best of us and we added two tiny black kittens to the crew. I love chasing a good sunset, iced coffee, traveling + binge-watching Netflix, a skill I’ve really put to use in 2020 since traveling has been put on the back burner. Spending quality time with my friends + loved ones recharges my emotional batteries more than relaxing on the couch does. I’m an Aries in every way possible. I live and breathe Red Sox baseball and I survive off pizza, tacos and mac + cheese. Taylor Swift is my queen + I watch Harry Potter religiously. I’m also a full-time photojournalist which I LOVE + I which helps bring a documentary style to my work. I really try to focus on the candid moments and love to have a fun time during my sessions to create those genuine moments.


Now about you …

I loveeee New England + could honestly never picture myself living anywhere but! Basically everywhere, you’re an hour from a big city, mountain, beach or forest! The West Coast and PNW get all the hype for elopements, but we’ve got plenty of our own gems right here! That being said, I’m still down to adventure my way out of here every once in awhile too.

Elopements used to be a hush, hush thing — sneak away to Vegas + get hitched without telling your family, all us photographers have been trying to convince clients for years that elopements don’t have to be so secretive. Then 2020 showed up and came to tell us all that they are *CLAP* so *CLAP* not *CLAP* like *CLAP* that! *CLAP*

I always encourage my couples to be their authentic selves. You wanna turn your sparklers into light sabers + battle ya spouse? I’ll be there lighting them! You wanna walk into your reception under ACTUAL light sabers? Count me in! Wanna ditch your friends + fam and get married in the woods with ring pops in the middle of a Tuesday? Let me drive you! Wanna catch the most epic sunrise + chase all the gorgeous light? I’ll bring the coffee! Basically, I’m down for whatever.

The thing I love most about my job is building long lasting relationships with my clients + capturing some of the most important moments in their lives. I love meeting a couple + staying in touch, be it future shoots with their children or just responding to an Instagram story to share the latest show I binged.


If you’re looking for a laid back, unforgettable day — I’m ya girl! Bring me on your adventure + let me capture your bad ass love story. 

Love is love is freaking love.
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My husband & I eloped this past October. Ashley was excited to help us create the intimate elopement of our dreams, and her photos more than capture that! Ashley has a great personality that makes you feel like you've known her forever. We thoroughly enjoyed having her company on our special day, and wouldn't hesitate recommending her to others!

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