Amaranth Creative

Amaranth Creative

Based In: Southeast Iowa
Photographer: Amaranth Creative

Amaranth Creative

Based In: Southeast Iowa

Hey! My name is Melody and I work with passionate people to achieve their creative vision.

I am your creative advocate. I believe that you need intentional, beautiful things in your life.

This kind of intentionality goes beyond glow-ups for your Instagram and trying to keep up with the latest Pinterest trends. This is honest and imperfect. It reflects who you are as an individual, right now.

I will empower you to surround yourself with beauty in the moments that matter most.

I believe that surrounding yourself with beautiful imagery of the ones you love can have a powerful impact on your wellbeing. I will capture all of the special moments throughout your day so that you can have images to place all around you as a constant reminder of your love and commitment.

To learn about the packages that I offer, go to my website

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