Alicia Sessler Photography

Alicia Sessler Photography

Based In: Washington
Photographer: Alicia Sessler Photography

Alicia Sessler Photography

Based In: Washington

PNW Digital & Film Photographer

Also offering Super-8 Film Video 🙂


I am your friend first, your hype-woman second, and your photographer third.

I’ve been photographing people & moments since I was little. My dad spent my whole childhood documenting my memories on film, and my parents got me my first camera when I was 12. It’s really been nonstop since then 🙂 I was born & raised in the PNW, and after living in Central California for 5 years growing my business & learning from the best in the industry, I moved back to Washington to dive head first into weddings & elopements in my favorite corner of the world.

I’ve been blessed with over 60 weddings by age 24, and I’ve photographed more couples, families, & seniors then I can count. This is truly what I was born to do, and I’ll never stop capturing these memories for people. Photography is important, it’s one of the only ways we can see into the past. That alone should encourage you to invest in something (and someone) that honors the truth of the moments unfolding.

When I’m not running around taking photos of you fun people… I’m up in the mountains skiing, cuddling my kitty, or taking film photos with my friends. My editing style comes from my love for film photography- a warm mixture of hazy, grainy goodness! My style provides a sense of nostalgia and magic.


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