Adventure Amore

Adventure Amore

Based In: Denver
Photographer: Adventure Amore

Adventure Amore

Based In: Denver

Holy Camoles I am so dang happy you are here!

You know that epic moment in movies where the two people in love see each other for the first time and realize – YESSSS. Yea, that’s what you got with your boo and that’s what I wanna have with you.

The fact that you are here, looking into eloping, tells me that you are a truly unique, inspiring, and awesome person. Maybe you’re here because you crave the intimacy of an elopement, or maybe you crave adventure, maybe you just want to do something totally out of the box – whatever it is, I got you!


Hey, I’m Adam!

An elopement photographer based in Colorado, serving Colorado, Utah, Italy and the Pacific Northwest


Your elopement day is one of the most important of your life. That’s why you need someone who will treat it that way AND make your day super dang duper fun. You want someone who is so incredibly passionate about being your photographer. That’s where I come in. You see, photography wasn’t my first career. I was a public servant before all this – got my Masters in Public Administration, worked in politics, campaigns, policy, even the military. But none of it spoke to me. So I started an artistic journey that eventually led me here, to elopement photography and you. I do this not because I have nothing else to do, or because I was told it’s a ‘cool job’…


I am an elopement photographer because I’m crazy passionate about love, and helping you celebrate your love in the most extraordinary ways.

I’m the dude who watches rom-coms, who talks about weddings non-stop, and is so dang sappy and cheesy you’re gonna wonder how the heck I can possibly be lactose intolerant. Consider me one of your closest buds, just hanging along for the trip capturing the real moments. The ones where your love transcends space and time (like I said, I’m cheesy), and making those photos of you look really damn good.


That’s me, and now I wanna know about you.


I might be the right photographer for you if you’re looking for….

  • Someone who deeply cares about you and your love story
  • Who is committed to telling that love story, not just showing a few pretty poses and landscapes
  • Someone who can guide you through the entire process
  • Someone who will help you craft a one-of-a-kind unique elopement that fills you with joy
  • Someone who will reduce all that wedding stress
  • Someone who can help you with your permits, and all the how-to questions
  • Someone with a love for love, adventure, story-telling, the outdoors, and rom-coms
  • Someone who is value-based and inclusive.


I’m here to reduce your stress, and help craft your dream elopement – and that starts now with these free resources:


Where to Elope:



Want the Ultimate Free Guide to Planning Your Elopement?

Download the guide here

I’m sure you can tell by now I’m here to help make your dream elopement an extraordinary experience. If you still aren’t sure, take a look at the reviews below to see what my actual couples have said about working with me 🙂


If you are looking to elope in Colorado here’s some really helpful free resources:


Are you ready? Let’s start planning the adventure of your lives! You can reach out to me here. You can also check out my elopement packages and pricing page.

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BLOWN AWAY! Those are the words I feel best describe our wedding experience with Adam Amit. My (now) husband and I were looking at a place to get married in Colorado with the BEAUTIFUL landscape and weren’t entirely sure where to start. We live in Iowa and had never been to CO but have always been told the scenery is to die for. Somehow, after Googling a bunch of places, we happened upon Adam’s website. To say that Adam made the whole process a breeze would be an understatement! He helped us narrow down the perfect location – that best suited our wants – and didn’t even complain after I turned down a dozen different trails LOL He always made us feel great about the parts of the elopement we couldn’t 100% plan (I mean, we’re talking mother nature here – she doesn’t always work with you!) And he really helped us put the day into perspective, which I was super grateful for the couple times I started getting myself stressed. The day of the wedding was SO MUCH FUN! And our pictures were PERFECT!!! Adam captured the day exactly how we want to remember it. HIGHLY recommend!

April 2021 Bride

This review is so long overdue. First off, let me start by saying this: for those who are looking for a photographer who will bring literal magic to your special day, stop scrolling, and book him NOW. Adam is your guy. This man has so much passion for what he does - from capturing your day exactly how you want it, to making you comfortable in front of the camera, to making sure everything is perfect for YOU, to simply being the kindest, bestest, awesomest addition to your wedding.... Adam has truly found his niche, and everything from speaking to him on the phone, to making changes to plans, to him actually doing his photography thing, ALL shows. My wife and I were so BEYOND lucky to have found him. Tassia and I got married on August 1st, 2021, and since then, we have received our photos and keep marveling over them and how amazingly beautiful they are. Adam just knows how to capture the love of his couples. We can FEEL our day and our love every time we go back and look at our photos. It's a special thing. And I truly wish that for anyone who is getting married. I am telling you, if you want someone who will truly capture the aura of your relationship, this guy is it. There is no way that you can find anyone better. Thank you, Adam. For sharing all your hard work, dedication and passion with others. I know I speak on the behalf off all the couples you have shot for when I say you are the freaking best. Tassia and I seriously cannot thank you enough. And we look forward to booking with you again when our big anniversaries come around 💕 Cheers ✨

Julie 2021 Bride

Where do I start. For all those that want a simple review, Adam is a highly skilled photographer at a reasonable price, but really he is so much more than that. We are a very indecisive couple and were extremely difficult to work with. We probably changed location/time schedule 20 times from the time we decided to get married up until about a week before the big day and Adam didn’t miss a single beat. He would work and send us a whole layout of the day and then we would make him do it all over again the next day when we changed something. When that day finally arrived, he totally removed all the stress and anxiety we had and got us to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. To put it simply, Adam made the most important day in both of our lives fun and stress-free where we could both just focus on each other. The stunning photos he took of our day will forever remind us of how happy that day was. Adam, seriously…Thank you. You are a class act, sir.

Dustin 2021 Groom

We are writing this review on our six-month anniversary. As we reminisce about the things that made our wedding great, our photographer Adam easily makes the top of the list. The most important thing, the photos, turned out beautiful, and that was due to Adam’s obvious technical talents as a photographer. But it wasn’t just the final product that was great; it was the whole experience working with Adam. During our first phone call with Adam it became obvious that he loves couples and loves weddings and was passionate about his job. He asked us about ourselves and what we wanted in a photographer. We immediately felt assured that Adam would handle the photography with care and devotion. What was particularly reassuring was the video message he sent a week before our wedding, in which he expressed how excited and grateful he was to be a part of our day. It reaffirmed that Adam cared about us and hadn’t forgotten about us. And the feeling of relief became even stronger as soon as we met Adam at the wedding venue. Knowing we didn’t like being photographed, he led us through the photo session, suggesting poses and loosening-up exercises and choosing photo spots that made the best of the gorgeous surroundings. He made us feel so much at ease and comfortable it was as if he was an old friend of ours. We are so happy and grateful that we chose Adam to be our photographer, and we heartily recommend him to everyone!

Carl 2020 Groom
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