Unpredictable Weather During This Arches Engagement, UT

Unpredictable Weather During This Arches Engagement, UT

Kaelee and Bryson were planning a road trip and decided to reach out to book an engagement session while they were exploring some of Utah’s national parks. They didn’t expect to deal with such unpredictable weather during their engagement session in Arches. They had rain showers, some crazy lightning, and the most beautiful rainbow and sunset in the park. They wrapped up the session and snuggled up in the back of their car with Bryson on guitar. It was perfect.

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Planning Your Arches Engagement in UT

Photography by Lauren Rae Photography

“No permit is required for engagement photos in Arches NP. There is a Special Use permit that applies for weddings.

As far as LNT ethics, we made sure to brief our clients beforehand to make sure they knew to only use durable surfaces as we explored, to be respectful and courteous to other visitors (Arches is one of the most popular National Parks, so we knew we’d have to be mindful of the most populated areas and plan accordingly), and to pack out any trash that we found.” [Lauren, the photographer]

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Top Advice Taking Engagement Photos Here

“My top advice when taking engagement photos at Arches would be to have a solid game plan with your photographer beforehand! Because our clients were coming in from out of town to meet us, we made sure to scout out locations, research the busiest spots and what to avoid, and we spent a full afternoon the day before the session to ensure that our plan was realistic. We also made sure to have plenty of water and snacks on hand (always a good idea, but especially in the desert).” [Lauren, the photographer]

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Dealing With Unpredictable Weather During Your Arches Engagement

“The weather in the desert can turn on a dime. I prepped my clients by recommending layers and several outfit options, and I brought extra sunscreen as well as rain gear.

The storm system that rolled through Moab that day actually caused some pretty intense flooding, and we made sure to avoid any areas that were especially prone to floods. We also built more than enough time into our itinerary to account for waiting out any lightning/adverse conditions in the car if needed!

Also, while the weather made for some absolutely epic shots, the lightning was no joke. I got those shots while my couple went to change clothes and get out of the rain – and then I quickly made my way to the car, too! I also always travel with my Garmin inReach Mini in case of emergencies, because you never know when you won’t have cell service.” [Lauren, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Engagement

From the photographer:

“When we all realized we had a MASSIVE rainbow behind us. It was so surreal! Also, the backlit rain shower under one of the arches was one of those moments that I’ll never forget – I couldn’t have dreamed up better light.”

Photos From This Engagement in Arches

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