Emotional Under Canvas Elopement in Moab, UT Adventure

Emotional Under Canvas Elopement in Moab, UT Adventure

Rachael and Jen are that couple you see on your IG feed and think how amazing it would be to have a wedding day like them. Why? Because this elopement is simple yet SO romantic. This Under Canvas Elopement in Moab, UT doesn’t have any fancy decorations or “traditional” wedding attire, but it does have details that hold so much meaning to the couple.

This elopement teaches couples to take a step back from social media and plan a wedding day they feel connected to, versus doing something that is popular. In fact, when we reached out to them about their feature, they were visiting Moab again! Check out this emotional elopement’s details.

“Jen and Rach really thought of every detail. From the old photos and mementos of their grandparents and family members, they incorporated, to the gifts they gave one another. Every part of their day was intentional.” [Nicole, the photographer]

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Planning an Elopement in Moab

Rachael tells us planning was easy. Nicole, their photographer, acted as both their photographer and planner. They got ready and exchanged gifts at Under Canvas before their elopement ceremony, and then explored around Moab together.

Rachael and Jen gave Nicole bullet points of what they wanted to do during their elopement, and she created a tailored itinerary based on those points.

“Rachael was a bit shocked at how enveloped she found herself in trying to make the elopement perfect through planning, despite never really identifying as a person who cared that deeply about the production. At one particular moment when she was worried about how something would look and getting too caught up in it, Jen asked her how she wanted to *feel* on our day. She said all she wanted to feel was free and comfortable, like any other trip to Moab – to be able to explore, be light and in awe of the area – not focused on the dress, the makeup, all the things that ultimately didn’t matter to this day. Ever since that moment, the wedding fell into place in the most beautiful, organic way.” [The couple]

Other than reserving their accommodation at Under Canvas and teaming up with Nicole, they focused on their wedding attire and bringing traditional details with them to incorporate into their day. “We did traditional things, like bringing family heirlooms, having a bouquet, and giving gifts to one another. It was a really beautiful blend of tradition and the spontaneous adventure we wanted.”

getting ready at Under The Canvas in Moab, UT for elopement

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

This elopement that started at Under Canvas in Moab is probably one of our favorite elopements we have seen. Seeing Nicole’s photo from this couple’s day makes us feel like we were there with them.

“They both have a creative eye and wanted the day to be captured purely in a documentary way, which I loved! They didn’t want posed photos and I think their gallery reflects just that! Honestly, being the officiant and pronouncing them officially married made this a special elopement for me! It’s not every day a couple asks you to be a part of their day in that way!” [Nicole]

Rachael and Jen tell us they could relive those hours over and over if they could. From them exchanging gifts and looking at family moments to exploring some of Moab’s most epic views. They even collected some dirt from their wedding day and put it into a small capsule.

“We woke up together in a quiet, completely stress-free tent at Under Canvas and watched the sunrise together. We went mountain biking and got our marriage certificate in town, and then got ready together while listening to our favorite music. It was just perfect. There wasn’t a single thing I would ever change about our decision to make our day about us and our love.

I think in our culture there’s a lot of pressure to be performative for other people, and while a wedding with our family would have been absolutely beautiful and special in a different way, making the decision to focus on ourselves on our wedding day was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made in my lifetime.” [Rachael]

opening gifs near under the canvas in moab, ut

Including Family During Your Elopement

A concern couples often have when eloping is including family during their wedding day. A lot of couples fear what their family might say to them when announcing they want to elope. But there are plenty of ways to include your family during your special day.

We have seen couples facetime their loved ones, bring their closest family and friends with them, or include them in details as they plan. Rachael and Jen planned a post-elopement celebration and included moments from their family during their wedding day.

“One way we were able to include our family on the day was having them write us letters to take with us on our trip. Whether it was a shared memory, advice, well wishes, photos, or hand-drawn art from kiddos – we felt surrounded by our family’s genuine happiness and support just through reading their words aloud to each other. I think their presence was able to shine through in a way that was more special than we anticipated.” [Rachael]

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Picking an Elopement Location

Moab, Utah is one of our favorite places to elope, and it’s actually a favorite spot for both Rachael and Jen. We always love to remind couples to pick a destination that holds meaning to them.

“Moab was without a doubt the spot! Early on in our courtship, we traveled there together. Upon reflection, we may have even fallen in love there. The question was: where in Moab? Nicole, our photographer, suggested a few places and we went from there. Much of our decision was reliant on being around the least amount of people possible, which eliminated the National Parks altogether.” [Rachael]

Teaming up with an experienced elopement photographer allows you to elope in more remote locations. Nicole helped them find the perfect spot. The couple tells us the presence of the location was so grand and humbling, “a perfect place to feel like a part of something bigger than us. We were looking for an environment to be a part of it, not just a place to stand.”

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couple in van at Moab, UT

Deciding to Elope Versus Having a Formal Wedding

What does it mean to get married? Does it mean the celebration of love and joining together of two people, or does it mean how lavish your wedding can be? Rachael and Jen definitely didn’t think their wedding day was meant to be a production.

“We always knew we wanted to elope, even before we got engaged. We wanted the day to be about us, to be able to give it the attention and presence it demanded. If we had a formal wedding, we’d be tied up in worrying about the production and experience. We wanted intimacy, vulnerability, and the ability to be radically honest and true to ourselves in our ceremony. We truly couldn’t have planned a more amazing evening. Our experience was exactly what we wanted it to be, and even surpassed our expectations.” [Rachael]

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