Uinta Mountains Wedding Adventure With Their Dog and Family

Uinta Mountains Wedding Adventure With Their Dog and Family

Emily and Kyle both love the outdoors, so it’s no surprise they planned their wedding ceremony in the Utah mountains near the highest point (roughly 10,000 feet). Their dog, River, was watching over her proud parents among their closest family and friends, and it made this Wedding in the Uinta Mountains extra special.

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Details From This Uinta Mountains Wedding

This micro wedding in the Uinta Mountains in Utah is perfect for couples to mix a little bit of tradition into their elopement. While they only had a few family and friends present, they included personalized details that meant a lot to them, including a special cake topper that was passed down from generation to generation in Emily’s family.

They were able to share personal wedding vows with each other and then shared their first dance with their dog. Once their adventure in the mountains was over, these two ended the night enjoying the sunset and headed to dinner with their loved ones.

Top Tips Eloping in The Unita Mountains

We asked the photographer and planner for some tops tips when planning your elopement at this location and they tell us preparing is key. You’ll want to also keep LNT (leave no trace) in mind, no matter how big or small your wedding is. For example, if you pop champagne or cut your cake, always clean up afterward.

You’ll also need to pay a fee for day use when entering the Uinta National Forest for your wedding. If you plan on having a larger group present at your wedding, then a special use permit is required.

“Always scout the location in advance and have back up options ready to go if needed. When you find ‘the spot’ make sure to save a location pin. When sharing with the couple, give them very direct directions, and let them know if there will or will not be cell service. Specifically at this location we knew it was a high altitude spot, and we confirmed in advance that would be okay for the couple and their guests. Altitude sickness is no joke!” [Marrissa, planner]

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Memorable Moments During This Wedding Adventure in Utah

Emily and Kyle’s wedding was pretty special and Kayla, their photographer, tells us her favorite moments are when the couple shared their first dance with their dog and their wedding vows. She tells us they had no idea how similar their vows were going to be. It was the sweetest thing to see them laughing and crying over it. “There were parts that were almost word for word in each other’s vows.”

“The whole day was very true to themselves. It had the perfect combinations of ‘outdoorsy / adventurous’, while still being able to include their family – that meant a lot to them! One thing that really stood out to us was Kyle’s reaction when he saw Emily walking down the aisle. He could not stop crying and it was the sweetest moment.” [Kayla, the photographer]

“For me, the best part was the intimacy of it all. It felt like I was celebrating my love and future with Kyle, instead of feeling like I needed to entertain. I loved being outside with my loved ones, soaking in all the joy! [Emily]

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Eloping With Your Pets

The beauty of deciding to “elope” or plan an intimate wedding ceremony is the freedom you have.  Emily tells us everyone involved in their wedding was so grateful to be a part of their day. Including your pets is also a beautiful way to remember your pet years later.

“Even more so when just months later we heard about River (the couple’s dog) passing away. The photos we took with/of River that day are some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken with a couple and their dog. River was a real star of the day every time you turned around she was there just soaking up all of the attention.” [Kayla]

Are you thinking about including your pets during your elopement? Here’s what Emily has to say:

“Do it!! Our dog is a member of our family, she has been with us for most of our relationship, including our engagement, so it only made sense that she was at the wedding.” [Emily]


Photography | Kayla Bertagnolli Photography

Planner / Officiant | Pop Up I Do

Florist | Rachel Osguthorpe at Jolley’s Floral 

Wedding Dress | Willowby Watters Capricorn

Bride’s Hair | h2blowdrybar

Groom’s attire | Vintage Bolo tie + ASOS suit

Groom’s Ring | Manly Bands

Cake + Dessert | City Cakes Cafe

Film Lab (film photos only) | The Find Lab

Photos From This Uinta Mountains Wedding

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