Trash the Dress: Inspiration for Elopement Couples

Inspiration to “Trash” Your Wedding Dress

Although not all elopements mean a bride will “trash the dress,” it does mean that wedding dresses get dirty from their wedding day adventures with their honey. Elopement brides explore different places in their wedding dress from sandy beaches to muddy mountains.

If you’re thinking about eloping, then this trash the dress inspiration will have you running to our how to elope guide to plan your elopement day.


What does “Trash the Dress” mean?

Photo by Lynn Lewis

Traditionally, trash the dress means when a bride poses artistically doing unique activities that are probably going to destroy her wedding dress. However, trash the wedding dress can also mean going on an epic elopement adventure together. Wedding dresses on adventurous elopements can get stained or ripped throughout the day.

We love it when we see couples do spontaneous activities during their wedding day and not letting their wedding attire restrict their fun.


Is Trashing Your Wedding Dress Wasteful?

Couples who elope tend to save a lot of time, money, and stress when it comes to their wedding day. While some may say trashing your wedding dress is wasteful, some brides prepare to spend less on their wedding dress to avoid this. Couples who elope also produce less waste compared to couples who plan traditional weddings. Our team has previously talked about cheap wedding dress options for elopements. A lot of these options can be found online and are a fraction of the price of a standard wedding dress.

If you are interested in buying a designer wedding dress, but still plan on going on a wild and dirty elopement adventure, you can always transform your wedding dress into a shorter dress or something entirely different!


Why You Should Plan to Trash the Dress

Many brides wear their wedding dress once and then hang it up in their closets for years to come. Since you’re going to wear your wedding dress once, why not make the most out of it and not be afraid to get it dirty?! Are you both already married and still want an elopement adventure? Check out this post-wedding hike to inspire you to get your wedding dress dirty.

“Jen and Brad were an awesome, free-spirited couple who were all about the adventure. They truly cared about the experience of their wedding day over anything else. Jen looked incredible in her beautiful dress and didn’t think twice about getting some dirt on it. When you have an adventure elopement…your dress gets to “live its best life”. Getting dirt on your dress isn’t a bummer…it’s a badge of honor which adventurous brides are super proud of.” [Maddie Mae, The Photographer]

Ideas From Real Elopement Couples

So are you ready to trash your wedding dress and have an epic adventure together? Here are some of our favorite ideas we recommend from elopements we have featured:

  • Plan a hike together somewhere new and extraordinary.
  • Bunch up your wedding dress and jump off a high cliff together.
  • Snowboard and cover your dress in snow as you slide down the slopes.
  • Catch some waves together as you splash each other.
  • Go on a Highline adventure!
  • OR take some epic underwater wedding photos.
  • Are you both artistic? Bring smoke bombs or powder bombs to bring a burst of color to your wedding dress.
  • Stand under a rushing waterfall together and get soaked in under 15 seconds.
  • Share a salty kiss while cuddling in the wet sand.

If these photos inspired you, then head over to our ultimate wedding dress guide to see which wedding dress you would want to wear on your elopement day.