Emotional Texas Micro Wedding With Family and Friends

Emotional Texas Micro Wedding With Family and Friends

Emma and Dylan originally wanted to elope in Zion, but their plans had to get rearranged. Instead of eloping in Zion, these two had an intimate wedding with their closest family and friends on their parents’ property. This Texas micro wedding is everything and filled with so much emotion. Rebekah Gonzalez, from Rebekah Paul Photography, shares all the emotional details from the day.

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Details From This Texas Intimate Wedding

Some couples find it difficult to elope because they can’t imagine not including their loved ones during their special day. Planning an intimate micro wedding is the best choice for couples who are aiming for something more intimate yet family-oriented.

This Texas wedding day is the epitome of unity.

“All hands were on deck to help pull this together before the formalities began. There was no fuss, no fighting, no tension, none of that. You wouldn’t have known it but the house that their wedding took place at was so new, it wasn’t until the morning of the wedding that electricity was hooked up, yet no one fussed or was rushed about it. They knew it would all be done and well. If it wasn’t two people that loved each other were still going to get married with or without electricity.” [Rebekah]

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grandmother seeing bride for the first time

Memorable Moments From This Micro Wedding

Emma and Dylan were fun and easy-going during their wedding day. Looking at their photos from their wedding day in gorgeous Texas shows you how perfect this day was for them.

Your wedding day should illustrate the story of the day, filled with emotions and all the little moments that happened throughout the day. Since this wedding in Texas was so intimate, there was little distraction or urgency to stick to a script or timeline, according to Rebekah.

“My most favorite moment from the day was when Emma’s grandmother came in to do her first look. Her voice cracked as she exclaimed an “Oh my!” Her eyes immediately became misted and it wasn’t long before she simply could not hold herself together. Emma gifted her with an appropriately customized handkerchief that said: “for happy tears” to which she proudly showed me and my husband, two strangers to her.” [Rebekah]

Another memorable moment during this Texas wedding was when Dylan’s grandmother started crying as Emma walked down the dirt aisle. Dylan himself also started crying as he saw his bride for the first time.

As our team, we have too many favorite images to count from this emotional and intimate wedding day. This wedding reminds us of how important it is to enjoy the moment instead of worrying about the small details that often go unnoticed.

family praying with bride and groom during ceremony in Texas

Adjusting Your Wedding Day Plans

When you decide to plan a wedding, things may come up, and you may have to change your original plans. This couple originally wanted to elope at Zion, but COVID happened and their original plans went out the window.

The key to having a wonderful wedding day is to go with the flow and focus on each other despite whatever obstacles may come your way.

“The thrill and the charm of eloping lies in the ability to let go of the things you cannot control or make the best out of it. Everything is part of your story, even altered plans. I don’t want to dismiss anyone’s frustration but thinking back on the things that stressed me out on my wedding day are things I laugh about and now, bring me joy because it’s part of my story. If you can do that in the present when things seemingly “derail” you are destined to have a great elopement no matter what! With that said, I’d ask couples to challenge their definition of adventure.” [Rebekah]

romantic elopement portraits in Texas

Should You Plan a Micro Wedding or an Elopement?

As you plan your wedding day, think about how you want to remember your day. Think about what you both would want to do during your day. Although the decision of planning something intimate can be a little overwhelming and foreign, it may be the right choice if you both find yourself aligning to the things this couple aligned with.

“I never get tired of the elopement or intimate wedding world and I don’t want to criminalize the alternative route. Of course, if you are here reading this, you likely are considering an elopement and not a big wedding, but I will say this: big or small, elopement with family or solo elopement, identify your ‘why’ and remember it.

The wedding planning world will threaten you with what-if’s. Sites like Pinterest have the potential to make you feel like there is an aesthetic standard you have to meet. Yep, mountains, tropical beaches, and canyons are super amazing, but you know what else is amazing? Your love and commitment to your partner. Your ability to persevere together through the highs and lows of life. Don’t forget your why. Don’t lose sight of your reason for getting married in the first place. Look them in the eyes today and remember why you are committing to a lifetime by their side, and then tell them.” [Rebekah]

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Photos From This Texas Micro Wedding

emotional first look for grandmother and bride

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