Romantic Sunset Cliffs Elopement, San Diego CA

Romantic Sunset Cliffs Elopement, San Diego CA

Sunset Cliffs in California is probably one of the most gorgeous places to elope in the San Diego area. Gabrielle and John eloped at sunset with just John’s parents and brother there as witnesses. This Sunset Cliffs elopement is intimate and simple, but picturesque and heartfelt. Get all the details from this wedding day below.

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Tips When Planning a Sunset Cliffs Elopement in CA

Photography | Morgan McCanne Photo

Sunset Cliffs is a magical spot in San Diego, CA, which can make a simple, yet perfect elopement location for couples looking for a view without the massive hike. Despite this, the key thing to remember when planning your elopement here is how crowded it can get. If you want a location that’s completely to yourself, then consider a different spot in California.

“Sunset Cliffs can get quite busy since it is a popular spot for locals and tourists to watch the sunset over the Pacific. You do need a permit from the county of San Diego to elope in this area, even if it’s just 2 people.” [Morgan, the photographer]

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Details From This Elopement

Gabrielle and John decided to do their own thing and have an intimate elopement ceremony. Morgan, their photographer, tells us how over the moon for each other these two were that day.

“One of my favorite photos is when John picked Gabrielle up and kissed her. That happened organically when we were moving to a new location. I turned around and saw them celebrating in private, and so I started snapping away! I also loved that they FaceTimed their family and friends that weren’t able to be there. Lastly, John was so enamored with Gabrielle that he took pictures of her on his phone while telling her he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. It was such a sweet moment.” [Morgan, the photographer]

Ready to Elope?

When you decide to elope, you’re deciding to go against the grain and do your own thing despite what the traditional wedding industry tells you to do. No, you don’t need a band, 150+ guests or a ton of decorations for your wedding to be considered a “wedding”.

Elopements give you and your partner the freedom to focus on the details that are truly important to you both.

“Elopements are a favorite of mine because of the intimacy of the ceremony. When you strip down all the fluff, you are left with two people in love, which is what I love to capture as a photographer.” [Morgan, the photographer]

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Photography | Morgan McCanne Photo

Hair | Touch of Rose 
Makeup | Taylor Haupt Makeup
Dress | Isabella Talya

Photos From This Sunset Cliff Elopement

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