Sunrise Lake George Couple Session in NY

Sunrise Lake George Couple Session in NY

Lake George is a gorgeous view to have not only for your elopement but for a spontaneous engagement adventure too. Bridget and Sarah are both avid hikers, who have explored most of the Adirondack mountains together. So when their photographer suggested a trail they hadn’t explored yet with an epic summit view overlooking Lake George and the southern Adirondack peaks, these two were up for the adventure. This sunrise Lake George adventure is the perfect inspiration you need to plan something similar with your partner this year.

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About This Adventure Overlooking Lake George

Bridget and Sarah started their adventure way before sunrise to give them plenty of time to get ready with privacy. They both made coffee with their jet boil, enjoyed the view, and read handwritten letters to each other.

“We wanted a shoot reflective of us. We hike almost every weekend and wanted to have some photos to document our engagement but with an outdoor theme. We were also a bit nervous about our own elopement and wanted to practice being in front of a camera.” [The couple]

After having a morning picnic, these two explored a nearby waterfall all before 9 am when the other hikers began to arrive.

“We met in the middle of the night to give us plenty of time to get to the peak before sunrise. Some of our must-haves were typical hiking essentials plus some extras. Our joyful extras included a jet boil and some steeped coffee tea bags (we hiked with local brand Blue Blaze Coffee!). Our just in case extras included a trowel because you never know (leave no trace, y’all!)” [Molly, the photograhper]

Why are Couple Sessions a Great Option to Consider?

Some couples decide to plan a more traditional wedding, so they often run into elopements on social media and feel like they missed out. This is your sign to plan an adventure session together. You don’t need to be getting married either! You can exchange letters just like this couple did and have a simple picnic together while exploring.

“I photograph a lot of adventure elopements. That said, the thing I hear over and over is that they do not have any pictures of each other. Too often, we only take pictures of the big moments, like weddings and births. Celebrating the in-between moments and the things you love to do together are equally, if not more, important. These are the moments that are the foundation of your relationship.” [Molly, the photographer]

Top Tips For Planning a Couple’s Adventure Session in NY

When it comes to planning a couple’s session like this one near Lake George, Molly’s best advice is to know what type of adventure you two want to go on. The best way to do this is to involve each other in the planning process. Discuss what activities you both enjoy whether it be rock climbing, boating, skiing, or hiking. Depending on your inspiration, a professional elopement photographer can help you narrow down when is the best time to elope in the Adirondacks.

“The Adirondacks have so much to offer! We have lakes, waterfalls, and tree-covered mountains. When planning an adventure session, I start by asking my couples how they want to feel and what they want to see during their adventure. To be more specific, I ask them what they want to see when they open their eyes.” [Molly, the photographer]

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Advice For Couple Adventure Sessions

Molly’s advice for couples who want to plan a similar adventure like this Lake George couple session is to just enjoy your time together!

“Be present and enjoy each moment that you have. It’s not often that we take time out from life to really enjoy time with the person we choose to be with, so embrace that! Other than that, I recommend doing something that speaks to you as a couple. Enjoy board games or playing cards? Bring one with you to your adventure session and enjoy a game of checkers on the summit as the sunsets!” [Molly, the photographer]

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Photos From This Sunrise Lake George Adventure

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