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Stunning Golden Hour Engagement in San Diego, CA | Heather & Justin

Session: Engagement

Location: San Diego, California

From the Photographer:
“Heather and Justin wanted a combination of beach + city int heir photos. we started on Coronado island and played around in the sand. Justin was telling terrible jokes and cozying up with his girl. Heather and Justin are so dang easy to work with. These two just moved so perfectly in sync with one another and capturing the love between them was effortless. After Coronado, I convinced them to venture with me to the top of a parking structure overlooking the airport and it did NOT disappoint. The planes were flying about 500 feet over our head, and it made for the BEST shots. It was so different and unique and capturing these moments was such a rush.”

Thank you to Wandering Weddings member Britt Rakosky for sharing this session, and congratulations to Heather + Justin!

Member Spotlight Page | Photos by Britt Rakosky

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