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Spooky and Stylish Halloween Elopement Inspiration

Till death do us part wedding inspiration.

Have you heard of the saying, “Till death do us part”? This is one of the most iconic lines in traditional wedding vows. This saying was all the inspiration this photographer needed to create this Halloween elopement inspiration shoot.

Natalia Cucuk brilliantly made her vision come alive with details that make us want to ditch the white lacey gowns for something a little darker.

Photography by Natalia Cucuk

The Creative Process For This Halloween Elopement Shoot

Natalia tells us she loves the result of this spooky shoot. Halloween brings endless inspiration for photographers and couples who admire the wicked and dark of night. Our team is impressed by how beautiful this shoot came out. Thus, we think this is the perfect inspiration for couples looking to do something a little different. 

“I wanted to incorporate Halloween and the spook of it all, but I wanted to keep it classy. At first, we thought of different themes for the elopement. Finally, I thought of the simple words stated in almost every marriage ceremony, “Til Death Do Us Part,” and that became the basis for the shoot.” [Natalia]

The couples’ skeleton makeup achieved a simple yet dramatic look. The bride wore a black lace dress and long cathedral length veil from Rent From Lail. The couple’s outfits go perfectly with the black and gold tablescape. The whole layout of this styled shoot opens a new creative lens that can easily inspire others who are looking for some Halloween elopement inspiration.

Take a look at the rest of the photographs, and tell us what you think about this Halloween inspired elopement.

Tell Us About The Couple

Natalia has worked with this couple before, and she tells our team how loving they were during the session.

“Something I love about them is their tangible love and gratitude for one another and everyone around them. It’s not every day I get to design and photograph a 100% themed elopement, and I appreciate their trust in me to capture it for them.” [Natalia]

Our team can’t agree more. 

How Did The Couple Play The Part for This Halloween Elopement Shoot?

This Halloween styled shoot is dark, mysterious, and glamorous. This session is the opposite of most elopement shoots where everything is very bright and light. We were interested in how the couple composed themselves to stay so serious during this spooky session. 

To our surprise, they were nothing but serious, according to Natalia.

“There was a moment when I asked Zach to stand next to McKenna, who was sitting at the table, and he gently leaned down and kissed her forehead. It was adorable! Every time they would look at each other, McKenna and Zach would be a little bit startled and laugh a little.” [Natalia]

Behind those skull painted faces, are eyes that stare lovingly at one another. Despite not being your average elopement session, we can easily see so much emotion in Natalia’s photographs. She mentions how hard it was for them to keep a straight face most of the time.

Natalia tells us that intimate photo sessions like this one are her favorite types of shoots. She enjoys the connection she can feel with the couple and her creative process. 

Inspiration For This Halloween Elopement Inspiration

When it comes to planning an elopement or styled shoot, the photographer and couple need to work together to help create their vision.

Natalia shares how seasonal shoots are unique, and she wanted to plan a Halloween inspired shoot for a while. “Even if a theme of someone else’s is similar, it’s never the same. I feel like people love seeing these sessions because they are so different and fun!”  

Styled elopements, however, are very similar to the real thing. She tells us that a lot of photographers don’t realize how much work goes into styled elopements. If you are a photographer planning something inspirational like this, “give yourself plenty of time to plan and execute. Whether you are the one doing the design, or if you have a stylist. You never know what can happen, especially with the weather, so be prepared.”

Advice to Other Photographers:

If you are planning on creating an inspirational shoot, plan ahead and have fun.

“Capture the fleeting moments. Posed photos are beautiful, but it’s the fist bumps and gentle kisses that truly tell the story. If you are planning, designing, and shooting, make sure to have a solid team to help. When the time comes, relax and enjoy. Take it all in, and have fun!” [Natalia]

Advice to Couples:  

If a traditional wedding doesn’t feel like you, don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your partner.

“Don’t be afraid to let your personality show or go against the norm. Your day is FOR YOU, and it should be exactly how you want it to be. Find someone who will help you bring your vision to life, then trust the professionals to get it done.” [Natalia]


Makeup: @ericakershbeauty
Dress and Veil: @rent_from_lael
Floral: @bloomdcofloral
Pumpkins: @kuwaharawholesale
Cake:  @nataliachantaephoto
Smoke bombs: @shutterbombs
Painted Skulls: @nearriversend
Vest: @mr.mac_af
Tie: @asos
Suit: @jcpenney
Top Hat: @spirithalloween
Candles: @mainstaysliving

Thank you to Natalia Cucuk for sharing this Halloween elopement inspiration with us!

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