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Hey there Wanderers! My name is Kristin Smith, I am a Floral Artist Entrepreneur, a Wife, and a Mom. I live in the Mojave Desert amongst the recently trendy Joshua Trees, but often find myself dreaming of my favorite place to be ( in the mountains, hiking, fishing pole in hand, and family in tow) It is out in the wilds of the John Muir wilderness where I derive much of my artistic inspiration. Colors, textures, and beauty of the great outdoors can be seen through many of my designs.

My floral passion began when I was just 16, working in a flower shop was my first job (fun fact#1) I turned that into a Wedding Floral Business when I turned 19, pre-social media era it was hard to get my designs out there… but thanks to the different media sources, vendor collaborations and styled shoots, here I am, busy making magical florals completely unique for each of my clients.

I work alongside my very long time friend and assistant Isabela, she’s amazing, dependable, and definitely has an eye for floral design and wedding coordination.My mother in law Linda the souse florist as she calls herself preps everything and is also amazing as behind the scenes photography (fun fact #2-we get along super well and I’ve known her more than half of my life) I Love my Mother in Law!
We are definitely up for some Wandering weddings, we will hike your flowers in, put florals together pretty much anywhere, and will enjoy designing completely unique florals that compliment you. -cheers

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Love Sparrows

Love Sparrows is mainly a florist, with a splash of coordinating + bartending. My hands always want to design something wild, loose and free-flowing, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. We strive to provide flowers for all our bridal babes because no one deserves to get married without a flowing gorgeous bouquet in hand. Our company has rental items, we can do some calligraphy, and now we’ve ventured into bartending. We’ll travel all over, and with notice, it won’t come with a hefty price tag either, as all we want to do – is wander<3

About Us: We’re a duo! Shelia is the tall wife and she’s charismatic, so polite + very helpful. Allyson is the short wife, and she’s the creative mind, organized + free-spirited. Allyson is a certified wedding planner & floral designer from NYIAD. We were married in Big Bear, California in October of 2017. We love camping, hiking, camping, our fur children, traveling and in our off time, we go camping! Basically, best friends is the layman’s term for how we feel about each other. We work SUPERBLY together, which makes us a force to be reckoned with when it comes to doing weddings! We have a 1963 Fireball Trailer – we call it the bloom mobile. It can travel far and wide, to do flowers….well….ANYWHERE. We’re wanderlusters ourselves, through and through. No mountain is high enough, no river wide enough to keep us from flowering you babe <3

Fun Facts + Shelia loves bears way too much, playing video games on the playstation + building things. + Allyson loves baby owls, street tacos and not cuddling (LOL) Let’s take a flowery journey together + maybe add a bit o’ friendship on the side (;

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¡Flor Vida!

Hi! My name is Laura, dog lover and donut enthusiast turned florist. ¡Flor Vida! was born when I began to design the flowers for my wedding back in 2017. As a creative person, I never really felt any creative outlet click as well as floral design did for me. So, here we are!

The ¡Flor Vida! approach to floral design is largely influenced by travel, texture and color. Color stories over themes any day! My goal as your floral designer is to make you feel elated, emotional (dare I say, ugly cry?) and even more excited to walk down the isle when you see your flowers. While I am based in San Diego, I am eager to travel anywhere around the globe in the name of love and flowers!

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