Sunrise South Pointe Beach Elopement in Miami Beach, FL

Sunrise South Pointe Beach Elopement in Miami Beach, FL

Miami is known to be a huge tourist destination where locals and tourists flock to enjoy the hot summer sun and gorgeous beaches. How can a couple possibly plan an intimate elopement in Miami without the crowd? Jen and Alejandro planned a gorgeous sunrise elopement at South Pointe with their closest friends and family. They then had an fun picnic set up to celebrate after. Check out everything you need to know about planning a South Pointe beach elopement in Miami Beach.

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Details From This Miami Beach Elopement

This South Pointe beach micro wedding took place at sunrise on Thanksgiving morning. The couple started their day with their first look as the sun was peeking through the horizon. After they both said their “I do’s”, they had a breakfast picnic.

“Their table set up for breakfast after the ceremony was soooo beautiful! The rugs and the fringed umbrellas were my absolute favorite! I loved that they put so many things together on their own, not only the breakfast set up but her florals as well! I also loved all of her accessories that she wore — her flower crown and her ring/bracelet!” [Meagan, the photographer]

The best part about this elopement is how intimate and personal it was. Jen’s mom created most of the table set up on the beach. We loved all the details, and everything looked like it was straight out of a Pinterest board. Jen even put together her own bridal bouquet! This elopement is the perfect example of how intentional you can make your wedding day.

Planning a Micro Wedding at a Beach in Miami

The biggest thing you want to consider when planning your elopement on a Miami beach is the weather. South Florida can definitely be sunshine and beautiful, but during certain times of the year, afternoon thunderstorms can be 100% expected. You also want to remember tourists come year-round, so planning a sunrise elopement allows you to have a more intimate event because many people are still sleeping.

“The months between November to March are going to be the best since there aren’t as many afternoon thunderstorms during that time of year and the temperatures will be cooler. This elopement actually took place on Thanksgiving morning, and the weather was gorgeous!”[Meagan, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This South Pointe Wedding Day

Jen and Alejandro trusted Meagan during their wedding day because photography was one of the most important aspects they cared about. She suggested a sunrise time for their portraits and ceremony, and the couple couldn’t be happier with the results. The best way to make the most of your elopement is to trust the professionals, while still having open communication regarding what you both care about.

Besides their romantic first look, Meagan tells us she also loves the intimate family picnic Jen’s mother helped put together. Since the couple took their portraits before their ceremony, they were able to enjoy the rest of their day, stress-free.

“There are so many wedding days I photograph where the bride and groom don’t do a first look and they have their ceremony closer to sunset so they spend pretty much their whole wedding day apart. Having a sunrise first look ensures that you have beautiful lighting for your photos AND your whole wedding day is spent with your best friend!” [Meagan, the photographer]

Things to Remember During Your Miami Elopement

Miami has a lot of humidity. Both couples and photographers need to keep this in mind. Couples need to keep this in mind if they aren’t from Miami. Planning during Miami’s cooler months will help with the humidity issue, but always ask your photographer or planner for their advice on hairstyles or wedding attire.

“A tip for photographers: I always recommend showing up at least 30 minutes early when shooting at the beach at sunrise because your camera will most likely need to defog and acclimate to the humidity. I even keep silica desiccant packets in my camera bag to try to keep all of my gear as dry as possible since I live in such a humid location.” [Meagan, the photographer]

Other than that, remember Miami Beach gets crowded! Your best bet is to plan a sunrise or weekday ceremony, and have fun!

Photos From This South Pointe Elopement

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