20+ Something Blue Wedding Ideas For Your Adventure Elopement

If you’re planning an elopement, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t incorporate traditions you love from bigger weddings. In fact, you can pay more attention to the smaller details and actually appreciate them when planning an elopement. So if you’re wondering if you can incorporate the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, then the answer is always yes. Luckily for you, we are going to share some of our favorite ideas we have seen you can easily incorporate into your wedding day adventure. These something blue wedding ideas are also perfect for couples planning a micro-wedding too! Make sure to save your favorite ideas for later!


Something Blue Wedding Ideas You’ll Love

So what is the idea of something blue during your wedding day? The actual meaning comes from a rhyme that brings brides good luck, “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”. It dates back to ancient folklore. There’s no rule on incorporating something blue, so the sky is the limit. You can wear something blue or just have it as an accent detail on your wedding day. Your partner can wear it too!

Since we specialize in adventure elopements, a lot of these something blue ideas are unique and fun compared to your average ideas you’ll see for more traditional weddings.

Include Blue In Your Wedding Boquet

Whether you include a couple of blue flowers in your wedding bouquet or make your whole bouquet different hues of blue. You can include a blue pin or blue ribbon on your bouquet too if you want to keep the blue out of the flowers themselves.

Wear Blue Hiking Boots

Are you hiking to your ceremony location? Comfortable and stylish wedding hiking boots are our jam! There are some gorgeous options, and they look amazing with your wedding dress too. Not to mention you’ll be comfortable and safe during your adventure. If you can’t find blue hiking boots, then opt for blue sneakers or blue hiking sandals.

Or Include Blue Laces for Your Hiking Boots

If you can’t find blue hiking boots or comfortable shoes, then swap out the laces of your trusty hiking boots for blue laces to be your something blue.

OR Bring Along Some Blue Heels

If you want to go the more traditional route, then bring along a pair of blue heels for your hiking adventure to take some photos in. While we always recommend to wearing comfortable footwear when hiking, it’s OK to bring your favorite blue heels in your backpack!

Your Wedding Ring

What better way to go against tradition than to make your wedding ring blue? We love it when couples opt for unique ring designs versus your traditional white diamond.

Incorporate Your Something Blue in Your Accessories

If you don’t want to have your wedding ring be something blue, then you can have blue earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, or even a hairpin or veil with blue details.

Wear a Blue Elopement Dress

Are you really looking for a unique way to have your something blue? Wear a blue wedding dress! At first, you may think this idea may be too out of the normal, but we see a ton of couples incorporate their something blue this way. It looks even more magical when you’re having a winter elopement in the snow!

Check out some of our favorite elopement dresses!

Opt For a Wedding Venue For Your Something Blue

Photo by Maddie Kay | Venue: Something Blue Mountain Venue

Did you know there are some wedding venues that can technically count as your “something blue”? In North Carolina, there’s the Something Blue Mountain Venue. We love how simplistic and gorgeous this venue is while incorporating small blue details.

Check out this elopement story for more inspiration. 

Wear a Blue Bridal Jean Jacket

If you’re planning a Fall or Spring elopement, then you can have a handmade bridal denim jacket made for you! We love these wedding denim jackets for couples because it gives your portraits an edge and personality while incorporating some blue.

Incorporate a Blue Hand Fasting Robe for Your Ceremony

During your elopement ceremony, you can incorporate any tradition you want to. Why not incorporate your blue into your ceremony? Check out more ceremony ideas where you can sprinkle in blue.

Wear a Blue Wedding Suit

You or your partner can rock a blue wedding suit. Blue suits are honestly some of our favorite wedding attire options! If you don’t want to wear a completely blue suit, then you can incorporate blue into your suit accessories.

Make Your Vow Books Blue

Your vow books are something really sentimental when you’re exchanging vows, especially when you’re writing your own wedding vows. Make it even more special, make the books blue, include a blue ribbon around them, OR you can write your vows in blue ink!

Wear a Blue Winter Coat

Winter elopements are COLD. Opt for a blue winter coat during your snowy elopement hike, so that way you also have a pop of color in some of your portraits.

Dye Your Hair BLUE!

Probably the most unique idea on our something blue list is dying your hair blue. If you really love the color, and it has a huge significance in your relationship, then we say go for it and make that statement!

Incorporate a Blue Family Heirloom

Tradition states that you can also include something old or borrowed. Why not combine them? We have had couples incorporate blue family heirlooms into their wedding.

A Blue Handkerchief to Wipe Your Tears During Your Vows

Feeling emotional during your ceremony? Include a blue handkerchief to wipe away your happy tears as you both exchange vows.

A Blue Ring Box

A blue wedding ring box is beautiful, unique, and simple. Your photographer can get some pretty cool detail shots with it too!

A Blue Inscribed Note on Your Wedding Dress

Emotional ideas of something blue are our favorite. Have someone pin an inscribed blue detail under your dress. You can include your wedding date, a note from your parents, a note from your partner, or even handwriting from a past loved one.

A Heart Shaped Patch Sewed to Your Wedding Dress From a Late Relative

A great way to honor this tradition and a past loved one who can’t be there during your wedding is incorporating something blue of theirs into your wedding dress.

Bring Along Custom Coffee Mugs For Your Sunrise Adventure

Are you planning a sunrise hike? You’ll probably be bringing some hot coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or even soup with you! Why not bring along some custom blue mugs for this?

Include Blue Details on Your Mini Wedding Cake

You can still have a wedding cake if you elope, and you can totally make some details of it blue to tie in tradition!

Rent a Blue Car For Your Adventures

Another unique idea for you. Make your getaway elopement vehicle BLUE! You can plan a 4×4 adventure in a blue jeep or rent a blue car that you can write “just married” on it! Anything goes.

Make Your Hiking Backpack Your Something Blue

If you’re planning an adventure elopement, then a good hiking backpack is a MUST. When you’re looking for one, think about buying a blue one.


Which of these ideas do you love the most?

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