Something Blue Mountain Elopement in North Carolina

Something Blue Mountain Elopement in North Carolina

Christie and Rudy originally planned a hot air balloon at sunrise. However, because of the weather, they had to change their elopement plans 12 hours before. Luckily for them, Something Blue Mountain venue in North Carolina paired perfectly with their adorable blue details and love story.

Would you elope here? This location is perfect for couples who want an elopement experience without the big hike that you often see on your Instagram feeds.

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Photography by Leandra Creative Co

Something Blue Mountain Venue in NC

Something Blue Mountain Venue in Marion, NC is a gorgeous spot for elopements and intimate weddings. Leandra, the photographer, tells us all the reasons why this is the perfect spot to say your “I dos”. 

  1. It’s the perfect proximity from Charlotte AND Asheville, accessible for everyone.
  2. They have a couples’ suite, so the couple can stay overnight and enjoy the ease of not moving from location to location.
  3. It has the most incredible mountain views I’ve ever seen on the east coast – 360 degree views incredible!
  4. It’s tucked away on private property and the owners couldn’t be sweeter. They just turned their family home into this micro-wedding and elopement venue this year and gosh it has been such a gem. You really do instantly feel right at home, with breathtaking views, it’s unbelievable.

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Elopement Details We Are Loving

Christie and Rudy celebrated their marriage at Something Blue Mountain with a romantic commitment ceremony.

“Life is too damn short to not have a wedding that lights your heart on fire. Eat the cake, take the adventure, love a little harder, and have the experiences you’ve always dreamed of.” [Leandra]

This elopement is so sweet, and we are loving all the small details. From Christie’s purple booties and fun elopement dress to the stunning fall foliage behind them. The couple even included blue accents, which paired perfectly with their elopement destination. They drank out of blue cups, and their wedding cupcakes had blue Mr. and Mrs. toppers. Christie’s bouquet even had a blue string of photos from her family hanging.

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

Deciding to plan a unique wedding day adventure can mean your plans changing at the last minute, even if it means your day is less than 24 hours away. Christie got notified the night before their elopement their hot air balloon reservation over Asheville at Sunrise got canceled due to wind conditions.

Leandra tells us she immediately went into planner mode and helped the couple call multiple excursion spots to find a plan B. Luckily, Something Blue Mountain Venue was able to make their wedding day magical.

“Christie and Rudy played rock paper scissors to decide who was going to say their vows teary-eyed first, they embraced the madness of it all and they are totally a force, 100% meant to be & they make me laugh so hard I freaking love them…My absolute favorite part of Christie & Rudy’s elopement was the fact that this wasn’t planned, yet they accepted the change with grace and showed up with so much excitement to vow their love to their soulmate, and at the end of the day, that’s all that ever matters.” [Leandra]

Top Tips When Planning Your Elopement

We asked Leandra for her tops tips for couples considering elope, and we can’t agree more with them.

  • Accept that you’re not going to make everyone happy.
  • Don’t let others’ agenda get in the way of having your wedding day the way that feels right for your love story.
  • Also, don’t skimp on photography! This isn’t the time to cut corners and I’m not just saying that because I’m an elopement photographer. Even with a small wedding, the cake will get eaten, the dress will get put in the closet and you’ll leave the venue. What’s left is the love you have for each other and the photographs.

“The sooner you come to terms with the fact that this is YOUR day and YOU get to make choices that are going to make YOU TWO happy and fulfilled above anyone else, the sooner you’re going to have the epic ‘I do’ day experience of your dreams that you deserve.” [Leandra]

Should You Elope This Year?

Looking at this elopement, are you considering eloping?

“An elopement is a fantastic way to honor your unique love story, a path to vow your partnership, to your forever person in a fun, personalized & meaningful way. It is an unparalleled intimate wedding experience that allows the focus to be on the love and connection between the couple… ” [Leandra]

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Photography | Leandra Creative Co
Venue | Something Blue Mountain Venue  
Hair & Makeup | Brushes and Braids
Dress | ASOS
Cupcakes |  Love & Butter Baking Co. 

Photos From This Something Blue Mountain Elopement

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