Top Tips When Planning For Your Smoky Mountain Engagement Photos

Top Tips When Planning For Your Smoky Mountain Engagement Photos

Smoky Mountain National Park is by far the most popular place to visit in Tennessee, so it’s no surprise couples would want to take advantage of this park’s beauty and plan their engagement photos here. It’s one of the most visited national parks in the country, with miles and miles of hiking trails to explore, and some of the most scenic drives you’ll see. But how do you plan your Smoky Mountain engagement photos?

Cassie and Dallas traveled from Charleston, SC, and explored the Smoky Mountains during their engagement session. Julie, the photographer from Magnolia + Ember, helped them pick the perfect spots for their adventure.

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Photography by Magnolia + Ember

About This Engagement Session

Cassie and Dallas couldn’t decide between mountain views or waterfalls for their Smoky Mountain engagement photos, so their photographer created a timeline that helped them get the best of both worlds.

We love this engagement because it shows couples how easy it is to get two different looks in two different locations.

Since the couple wasn’t afraid to get soaking wet during their waterfall adventure in the smoky mountains, they needed to dry off for their second outfit. Julie tells us she actually brings a portable generator in her car, so the couple was able to use a blowdryer.

After changing, they headed to Cades Cove for a scenic drive and some more photos before ending their adventure.

“My biggest advice for couples is to embrace the experience. Don’t sell yourself short on time either. This couple opted for a 4 (yes FOUR) hour engagement session, which is very common with my couples. I love helping couples plan something that is significant and meaningful for them.” [Julie]

Things to Do During Your Smoky Mountains Engagement Photos

The Great Smoky Mountains is THE spot to visit in Tennessee, but what can you do together during your engagement session? Here are some ideas:

Go Hiking Together

There are SO many trails in the Smokies. There are actually over 800 miles of accessible trails for visitors to explore, so honestly, the sky is the limit. Talk to your photographer regarding what views you want to see, your hiking experience, and how long you want to hike, so they can help you narrow down your options.

Plan a Waterfall Adventure

If there’s a lot of trails, then there are also a lot of waterfalls and cascades with the park. While popular trails will take you to more populated waterfalls like Rainbow Falls and Grotto Falls, you can also see some remote waterfalls not many people know about. This is why we also recommend teaming up with a professional to make sure you have the most stress-free and intimate experience. If you’re not big into hiking, but still want to see a waterfall, then there are a few you can actually see from your car!

Plan a Camping Adventure

If you’re both really adventurous, then you can rest at a campsite at the 10 available campsites within the park. This is also perfect for couples who want a more relaxing photoshoot after their adventure. You can make some food together, cuddle by a small campfire, or even set up a hammock.

Stop At Locations During a Scenic Drive

This couple’s last destination was Cades Cove, which is one of the most popular spots in the Smokies. This 11 mile loop takes you through a valley with mountain views. Besides this scenic drive, you can always explore tons of other ones where you can stop and get a few pics. Always talk to your photographer before your adventure to make sure you talk about what exactly you imagine for your elopement or engagement adventure.

Make Sure Your Elopement Photographer is Licensed To Take Photos in The Park

If you’re planning to take your elopement or engagement photos in the Great Smoky Mountains, then your photographer will need to have a commercial use authorization.

Making sure your photographer has this authorization is important for multiple reasons including helping you safely get around the park and following the appropriate regulations of the park.

Consider When You’re Planning Your Engagement Session

We mentioned it before, but Smoky Mountain is one of the most popular parks, so traffic can be pretty overwhelming during certain times of the year. We personally recommend sunset photos during the weekday.

Double Check the Weather

Elevations in the Smokies can range from around 875 feet to over 6,000 feet. Double-checking the weather is important, and it’s always a good idea to pack in layers or bring a clear umbrella if you’re planning during a rainy season.

Don’t Forget to Pick The Perfect Outfit(s) For Your Engagement Photos

These two brought along two outfits for their engagement photos in the Smokies, and we love that idea! Bringing along two different outfits, lets you change up the mood and overall look of your photos.

Are you not sure what you want to wear during your engagement? Check out our guide on how to pick the perfect outfit for your engagement session.

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