Small Backyard Wedding in Their Virginia Family’s Home

Small Backyard Wedding in Their Virginia Family’s Home

Michaela and Colin decided to take advantage of their family’s Virginia home for their small backyard wedding ceremony. Then they planned their reception at a local wedding venue. Using both enabled them to create a wedding exactly to their taste!

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About This Small Backyard Wedding in Virginia

“The family property could be found by traveling down a private dirt road to a backyard with mountain views as the backdrop to the ceremony. There were even chickens nearby giving that farm vibe! Michaela and Colin reserved the ceremony and their first photos as Mr. and Mrs. for all the secret spots along the family property’s backyard. We got many shots of the newlyweds as the sun was setting against that mountainous background.

Apart from their backyard ceremony on the family property, Michaela and Colin chose to do the remaining events at The Blue Door kitchen & inn in Flint Hill, Virginia. The wedding day could be both comfortable and relaxed as they integrated family memories and new experiences.

The couple found a private spot at The Blue Door to have their first look and exchange private vows. They still exchanged personal vows during the ceremony but wanted these private ones to remain special! Michaela even added a first look with her dad which are always super sweet!

Other personal touches included creating a literal family tree with family photos attached to a tree trunk at the reception. Below this was their photo guest book where each guest could take a photo and write a note using a Polaroid camera.” [Shelly, the photographer]

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Top Tips When Planning a Small Backyard Wedding in Virginia

“Definitely take advantage of the mountain views! We went to a hill top so we could get the full spectrum of the landscape! I would also suggest scouting out the area beforehand because there are lots of options/ trails. Anchor your day around sunset or sunrise because the mountain glow will just blow you away!” [Shelly, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This Wedding

From the photographer:

“Playing in the golden light post ceremony! They were so happy and just focused on each other- I like cannot get the smile off my face thinking about it! I love when colin just picked Michaela up and started twirling around!

I loved their private vow exchange- Even though they had a very small, select group of family & friends, they wanted to keep that between them.”

Final Words of Advice

“I think a lot of couples feel like they either need to elope or have a big celebration. Michaela and Colin created a very intentional day, getting the best of both worlds with the biggest supporters and special moments just to themselves.” [Shelly, the photographer]


Photography | Shelly Pate Photography
Wedding Venue for Reception | The Blue Door kitchen & inn of Flint Hill, Virginia (all-inclusive wedding venue)


Photos From This Small Wedding

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