A Styled Winter Ski Elopement Near the Allgaeu Alps in Germany

A Styled Winter Ski Elopement Near the Allgaeu Alps in Germany

Couples tend to steer away from planning a winter elopement because of how cold it usually gets, but this styled elopement session is the perfect inspiration when planning a winter skip elopement near the Allgeau Alps with an indoor ceremony option that has clear views of your elopement destination.

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About This Winter Ski Elopement Near the Allgeau Alps

Photography by  Nomadic Hearts

Hitting the slopes on your elopement day? This is absolutely possible when you plan a winter ski wedding in the Bavarian Alps. This Styled Shoot took place near the famous castle Neuschwanstein in Germany. It shows what a full elopement day could look like and features:

  1. Getting ready in separate hotel rooms
  2. Doing a first look at the hotel lobby
  3. Having an intimate commitment ceremony in the winter garden of the hotel
  4. Enjoying a private dinner, popping champagne, and eating cake
  5. Spending some time in the snow before changing clothes.
  6. Driving to the ski lift and having fun skiing during sunset

Planning an Elopement Similar to This One

“There were no permits required for our shoot in this area – the hotel is a private location (it is probably advisable to get in contact with your hotel if you want to shoot outside your rooms or at booked spaces where there could be other people)

Skiing area: Before flying a drone, you need to ask for permission in certain areas. Especially around the famous castle Neuschwanstein.

Due to the castle and the beautiful mountains the area is a magnet for tourists, so it is especially important to follow the LNT principles: Alpine Ecosystems are fragile – be careful what you carry with you, stay on the trails, and never litter” [Lisa, the photographer]

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 Top Tips When Planning Your Wedding Adventure Here

Lisa shares her top tips for planning a winter ski elopement near the Allgaeu Alps in Germany.

  • Choose a less busy season (more space for skiing). January and February are a good choice and chances of getting snow are high.
  • Even if you have high skiing skills, choose a track that is not too steep in order to have more time to enjoy the epic scenery
  • Be prepared for the cold weather (e.g. choose your dress accordingly, wear thermo leggings, etc.)
  • Choose a hotel close to a skiing area as short distances usually take more time to cover in the mountains
  • Make sure to book skiing gear in advance (or bring your own)
  • Buy the day pass for skiing a day ahead
  • Choose specialized vendors for an elopement in the mountains. They know what is important and can advise you to pick the best possible option for your needs.

 Estimated Costs For an Elopement Like This

Are you inspired to plan something similar to this styled session? Lisa shares the cost breakdown you should consider when planning:

Photo + Video + Planning: 14.200€ (~16.000USD)

When choosing a photographer/videographer for your mountain elopement make it a priority to find someone who is specialized in this field. Most packages will include planning assistance to help you navigate through location scouting, timeline planning etc.

However, booking an elopement planner will elevate your elopement experience even further. An elopement planner will have your back by booking accommodations, coordinating the vendors etc. so that you can really relax and soak it all in on your elopement day.

The costs of videography coverage depend on what’s included (e.g. only a highlight film, full record of the ceremony…)

2 Rooms 2 nights: 1.000€ (~1.100 USD)

There are plenty of options when it comes to accommodations in the Alps – from self-catering huts to private chalets and boutique hotels. In this case, we chose a wellness hotel. 

Styling: 600€ (~670 USD)

Our best advice is to get your hair & make-up done by a professional on your elopement day. Your elopement photographer/videographer or planner can help you find someone who will come directly to your accommodation and knows what styling works best for adventurous wedding couples.

Florals & Decor & Cake & day skiing pass: 1.500€ (~1.700 USD)

This point depends on how extravagant you want the floral arrangements to be (just a bouquet or a flower arch for the ceremony etc.)

Wedding Celebrant: 1.700€ (~1.900 USD)

Most couples from overseas do the paperwork at home and have a symbolic ceremony during their elopement. Having a wedding celebrant who takes the time to really get to know you and your story and who can create rituals that are meaningful for you can make all the difference.

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Final Words of Advice From The Photographer

“One of the most important things that we have learned over time while photographing, filming and planning elopements is that time is the most valuable thing that you have. Make sure to plan enough time for all the activities you want to incorporate into your day. And plan enough breaks during the day. Times in which you can relax and enjoy the epic scenery, cause after all it is still your wedding day.

Be prepared for everything. The mountains and nature in general are unpredictable and the weather can change withing minutes from pure sunshine to thunderstorms. By being prepared and having a plan b and c you can easily avoid getting caught in the rain or having to rush down a mountain to avoid a thunderstorm. This also means being flexible as sometimes your preferred plan won’t work anymore, or you might have to skip a certain activity.” [Lisa, the photographer]

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Photography |  Nomadic Hearts

Location | Hotel Das Ruebezahl

Suit | Wilvorst

Wedding Rings | Coralie Arntz

Wedding Cake | Maria Speck

Accessories | Refined Bohemia

Wedding Dress | Freudentraenen

Florals | PD Flowers

Styling | Hairnomade

Wedding Celebrant | Melissa Walther

Stationary | Artful September

Elopement Planner | Anne.We Wedding

Videography From This Styled Elopement

Photos From This Styled Elopement


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