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Simple Elopement on a Mountain Lookout in Idaho

window shot of simple elopement.

When two people decide to get married, they also have to decide how they are going to celebrate their wedding day.

For Jasmine and Nick, they wanted to start their forever in a comfy, intimate, and loving way.

Their special day consisted of jumping on the bed, tickling each other, snuggling on the bed, and playing with Peppa, their adorable pup.

This simple elopement in this Idaho lookout while overseeing the mountainside is one for the books. Let’s jump into these cozy details.

“Set deep within the St. Joe National Forest, is an old Fire Lookout completely refurbished and about the most adorable space, I’ve ever seen. And as the Tamarack blazed off in the distance, this is where Jasmine and Nick decided to have their elopement, surrounded only by myself and their sweet fur baby, Peppa.” [Heather Wooler, The Photographer]

Photography by Heather Woolery Photography

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Prioritize What’s Important to You

Jasmine and Nick decided to have a small elopement for two reasons: they knew a traditional wedding would set their future back, and they also didn’t think a traditional wedding was necessary to prove to others they were married.

In other words, this was such a special day to them and spending it alone was the only thing they really wanted to do, according to Jasmine.

“We primarily wanted something in the woods or near a body of water. She sent me a link to Crystal Peak Lookout on Airbnb, and we fell in love. We are crazy about fire lookouts and knew this was it.” [Jasmine]

As far as planning goes, Jasmine said it was easy and simple, just like her special day. The couple planned everything in less than two months, utilizing the advice from her photographer and buying a couple of essentials from ETSY.

If you are feeling overwhelmed planning an elopement, we broke down everything you need to know in our elopement resources.

A Beautiful Day Filled with Laughter

How do you want to remember your wedding day?

Most couples usually are very stressed and barely remember their special day. They worry about others, or they get frustrated if something doesn’t go according to plan.

Jasmine and Nick wanted to remember their cozy, simple elopement with both of them just being themselves and enjoying the moment. Well, according to Heather, they achieved just that.

“There is the beauty that comes from allowing a day to fall together with little to no schedule, to just let the pieces fall. They said their vows, they cut the cake, they jumped on the bed and snuggled on the deck of the lookout. There were tears but also gut-deep laughter. It was simple, easy, but so personal that I could just feel their love deep within my bones.” [Heather]

As a photographer during these moments, Heather remembers how fortunate she is to do what she does.

“To be the one there for my clients, telling their stories, the way they wanted them told, the way they wanted them remembered. This magical and adventurous Idaho fire lookout elopement will be one that will stay with me for a while.” [Heather]

Memorable Moments 

Jasmine and Nick’s favorite part was sharing their vows in such an intimate setting. The lookout was completely secluded, and it will always have a special place in their hearts.

For Heather, however, her favorite moments revolve all around the fun that you normally can’t soak in during traditional weddings. Moments such as jumping on the bed in full wedding gear.

“There was so much laughter, joy, and love that filled that space. What set the photos a part was these two were up for everything and anything. When a couple is up for anything like these two, and they are just in it for the long haul, that’s when the magic happens.” [Heather]

According to Heather, when Jasmine and Nick would snuggle in the bed, they were both on a different planet. “They were there for one another, supporting one another just through that small moment. There was a deep connection and kindness that reverberated off of them, and it was so moving to see that.”

This simple elopement is incredibly intimate and adorable with cuddly moments and fun moments. Moments such as, when they popped a champagne bottle and took a swig. Heather also loved taking their photos with their little dog, Peppa, in the background of most of them.

“Peppa, is their baby, and Peppa knows it. So when we left her inside the lookout so we could take photos of just the two of them, she began protesting contentiously which was absolutely hilarious.” [Heather]

I Love Elopements Because…

When we asked why Heather loves capturing intimate moments, she couldn’t contain her excitement to tell us ALL the reasons why. After learning what they are, we can’t agree more with her.

“Capturing elopements ignites something in me as a storyteller that bigger weddings don’t. There is an intimacy and a connection between the couple that comes out on film which sometimes feels missed at a bigger wedding because the focus of the day is 100% on the two beings in front of me getting married. This is only the landscape and their love. No big distractions, no schedules, no unwanted guests. Just them.” [Heather]

If you are considering eloping like these two by having a similar simple elopement, keep in mind that elopements are completely personal and unique to each couple.

“Not a single elopement is the same. The weather, the vibe from the couple, all of it is always so incredibly different, which is a fun challenge that fills me up with so much creative joy. I’m also so addicted to the honesty, rawness, and connection that comes out at elopements. It is one of the most moving experiences I’ve ever been a part of.” [Heather]

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Thank you to Heather Woolery for sharing this session, and congratulations to Jasmine and Nick!

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