A Simple Alaska Wedding Adventure at Hatcher Pass

A Simple Alaska Wedding Adventure at Hatcher Pass

Connor and Katie’s simple Alaska wedding adventure is the perfect inspiration for couples who want a super intimate elopement experience. They had a romantic ceremony at Summit Lake together and then explored around Hatcher Pass wearing their cool shades and matching shoes.

If you want to skip the story, then jump straight to the photos from this simple Alaska wedding adventure.

The Story Behind This Simple Alaska Wedding Adventure

These two are high school sweethearts and have been dating for 10 years.

According to Alexa, the photographer from The Hitched Hiker Inc., they have a tradition in their family that when someone goes on a vacation, they take lots of photos and don’t post anything on social media. Then when they get home they all sit around and watch a slide show while they explain their trip!

That is exactly what they did after their elopement.

“It was a complete secret to their friends and family! When then got home, they did a slideshow for everyone to showcase their trip to Alaska and their wedding photos were at the end to announce it!” [Alexa]

Talk about an amazing way to announce your elopement to your family!

Moments We Love During This Alaska Wedding Day

This simple Alaska wedding adventure is one for the books. We love how even though these two kept everything simple, there was still so much detail to appreciate throughout their day.
“They helped each other with their attire, had a FaceTime session with family, and Katie knitted some cool socks for Connor to wear! It was the loveliest thing to watch Connor place her flower crown on her head and button up her dress just perfectly!” [Alexa]
Other moments we love is how goofy yet romantic these two were during their elopement adventure. Make sure to look at their photos to appreciate all the details.

Is a Simple Wedding More?

Alexa from The Hitched Hiker tells us that more and more couples are becoming aware of what it really means to elope.
“I think people are realizing life is short and none of the fluff really matters. The base of any celebration of love is just that, you are celebrating YOUR love! I love that couples are making their day about THEM.” [Alexa]
Connor and Katie definitely had no fluff. They simply slipped on their wedding attire and went on an epic adventure around Alaska together.
Despite couples eloping more, some family and friends may a tough time accepting your wedding day plans. Alexa suggests a couple of things to make announcing your elopement a little easier for you and your family.
  • Tell them in person, or send them a handwritten letter to make them feel the news is more personal and they are included!
  • Give them a small task like finding the perfect ribbon for a bouquet, so they feel like they are contributing.
  • Remind them the day is about YOU and your love story. Don’t apologize for planning your unique and perfect day!
  • Also, you can always set up a FaceTime on a tripod! Woohoo!!

Connor and Katie included their loved ones by face timing them after they both got ready together. They both got pretty emotional, but it was a super sweet way to include their family on their simple Alaska wedding day.

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How to Elope in Hatcher Pass

Hatcher Pass in Alaska is one of the best places to elope in Alaska. There’s a little bit of everything for couples to enjoy including rolling green hills, mountain views, sparkling lakes, and little red cabins.

Since Hatcher Pass is a popular spot for Alaska weddings, Alexa recommends eloping on a weekday at sunset.

“Weekends are busy with hikers, and Alaska is the land of the midnight sun, you can be outside at 11 pm and still have great lighting! Another tip is the road up to Hatcher Pass opens on different days each year! They make sure it is mostly clear of snow, so this year it opened early June and usually closes at the first snowfall!” [Alexa]
Eloping in Alaska is probably one of the best places you can plan your elopement, according to both our team and Alexa. You can explore glaciers, mountains, cliff-side oceans, woodsy, pebble beaches, meadows, and so much more together.
It’s no wonder these two decided to plan this adventure together.
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Photography | The Hitched Hiker
Coordinator | La Boum Events
Florals |Paper Peony
Officiant|  Celtic Ministries
Get ready location | Hatcher Pass Cabins

Photos From This Simple Alaska Wedding Adventure