Self Solemnized Elopement Ceremony in The Colorado Mountains

Self Solemnized Elopement Ceremony in The Colorado Mountains

Sheila and Gary have been together for seven years before they eloped in the Colorado mountains. From their love story to Gary playing a song for Sheila with his Ukelele, this elopement story is perfect for couples looking to self solemnize in Colorado together.

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Photography by Adventure Instead

Self-Solemnization in Colorado

What does it mean to self-solemnize? Is it even legal? Self-solemnization for your wedding means you don’t need anyone to legally marry you on your wedding day (say what?)! Planning a self solemnized elopement ceremony is the perfect way to have an intimate and unique elopement experience together.

Colorado is not the only state you can self-solemnize either! There are other states such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and California that allow self-solemnization, but they do require more regulations. On the other hand, self-solemnizing marriages in Colorado don’t require a specific application.

Look into the state’s marriage license regulations to see what requirements you need to meet to make your marriage official.

Details From This Elopement Adventure in The Colorado Mountains

When it comes to this self-solemnized elopement ceremony in Colorado, these two were the sweetest. Maddie, photographer from Adventure Instead, tells us this was probably one of her favorite couples and most last-minute elopements. Gary and Sheila called her two weeks before they came out to Colorado!

We love how in love they look, how they stared at each other and their surroundings in awe. It really reminds couples the beauty of planning such an intimate wedding day experience together.

“A really cool part of this elopement was that Sheila actually made her wedding dress, which was so amazing. She also brought her own flowers, and I got to help her make a bouquet which was really sweet. They drove out here from Chicago together, and they were just so in love—this had been a long time coming for them, they had been together 7 years so they were really excited to finally get married. They decided to get married in 2019, but then Covid happened, so they were just really ready and stoked to spend the rest of their lives together.” [Maddie]

Planning Your Elopement in Colorado

Colorado is one of the most popular places to elope, for its epic views and the option to self-solemnize together. Maddie tells us her biggest advice for couples planning to elope in Colorado is to be open about dates and be flexible if need be because of the unpredictable weather.

“The weather is always doing its own thing, so it’s important to have backup plans. The altitude is something to get used to especially if you’re not from here, so arriving a few days before your elopement is ideal so you can acclimate. Also, bring everything and anything you might need—I have an emergency kit and tons of stuff I carry with me that the couple might need, or that I might need! I have extra socks, blankets, ponchos, first aid items, water, snacks, anything that the day could throw at us or that the Colorado weather could decide to do. I’m prepared and I’ve got my couple covered.” [Maddie]

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Memorable Moments During This Colorado Elopement

One of the biggest memorable things about this Colorado elopement is just how intimately beautiful it was. Gary and Sheila wanted to hike out to their ceremony spot. Maddie tells us they had an isolated area near Breckenridge all to themselves to enjoy their special day surrounded by nature.

“We also got to see a ton of wildlife, and their ceremony was just absolutely perfect, and then Gary played her a super sweet song on his ukulele. I love photographing couples who have been together for so long, they just know how to hold each other and keep each other feeling safe and loved. And Gary kept kissing her hand, which was just the sweetest thing ever.” [Maddie]

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“I’m Afraid To Elope Because It’s Not Traditional”

More and more couples are considering planning an elopement versus a big traditional wedding, but still hesitate because they are worried they will be letting down their family and friends, or that eloping isn’t a ‘real’ enough wedding, according to Maddie.

“Eloping is about two people sharing an intimate moment together without the hassle and stress of a traditional wedding. I would tell couples who are afraid to elope because it’s not traditional to really imagine your wedding day from start to finish—what does it look like? What are you doing? What do you want it to be like? And see if your values align more with a small intimate ceremony or a traditional wedding. If a couple feels like they are ‘too old’ to elope—absolutely not! If an older couple wants to get married, why shouldn’t they have an intimate day just the two of them, and some stunning and epic photos to cherish? Age is just a number!” [Maddie]

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Photos From This Self Solemnized Elopement in Colorado


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