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Seattle Elopement Guide

“Where can I elope near Seattle?” This is a question we often get from a lot of couples who live near or want to plan a day trip elopement from Washington State’s largest city. Despite being a city in itself, Seattle is actually surrounded by water, mountains, and evergreen forests. So you can absolutely plan a Seattle elopement and still have an adventure too. We break down everything you need to know while planning your elopement here plus featured vendors to help you put together your elopement package in Seattle.

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How to Elope in Seattle

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Are you not sure you want to elope near Washington’s biggest city? Check out some of our other favorite places to elope in Washington State.

Vendors For Your Seattle Elopement Package

If you want to elope in Seattle, especially plan an adventure elopement near Seattle, it’s important to team up with the correct vendors. Since Seattle is such a big city, it’s easy to be directed to the courthouse if you want to elope, instead of a more intimate wedding venue in the area. These vendors below are great resources to connect with and help build out your personal elopement package in Seattle. Make sure to ask what each vendor includes in their packages. A lot of vendors will include location scouting and elopement timeline planning.

Explore our featured vendors below:

Where to Elope in Seattle

So is planning an elopement within or near Seattle possible? 100%! Seattle elopements are great for couples who want to be close to a big city, especially if they are planning a small wedding with family and friends. There are plenty of restaurants, Airbnbs, and cool locations to explore nearby. Just because you want to elope near Seattle, does not mean you have to give up the elopement adventure you have been dreaming of. We’ll talk about some of our favorite locations near or within Seattle you can elope to. If you prefer an actual wedding venue for your micro wedding, then jump to our small wedding venues in Seattle below.

Teaming up with an experienced Seattle wedding vendor who specializes in elopements and intimate weddings also allows you to elope in spots that are less known by the average tourist that comes to visit the area.

In order to protect our lands and leave no trace, we will not be discussing these secret locations. Our best advice is to browse through our favorite places to elope near Seattle, and then team up with a professional to start planning your wedding adventure together.

Snoqualmie Pass

An hour away from Seattle, you can explore Snoqualmie Pass. With some of the most breathtaking mountain overlooks you’ll see, this is probably one of the best places to elope near Seattle. I-90 also makes this part of the national forest accessible all year, perfect for couples who want a snowy elopement.

Our team personally loves Snoqualmie Pass for its forests, giant trees, impressive waterfalls, and epic views. Some popular locations to explore include Gold Creek Pond, Franklin Falls, Summit at Snoqualmie, or team up with a pro to get all the remote spots away from the crowds!

Gold Creek Pond

gold creek pond seattle location for weddings and elopements

Photo by Emett Joseph

Within Snoqualmie Pass, you’ll find Gold Creek Pond. This is a super accessible spot and dog-friendly for elopements (it’s only 3 minutes from the parking lot!), It’s also a favorite among many couples and elopement vendors. If you’re thinking about planning a micro wedding near Seattle, then Gold Creek Pond is a great option to consider since it’s not too far from the city.

At the moment, you don’t need a special permit to have your wedding ceremony at this location, but you do need a parking pass permit, which you can pay at the trailhead. It’s also always smart to double-check permit and regulation requirements since things are always subject to change.

Check out this Wedding Ceremony at Gold Creek Pond to get some inspiration while planning.

North Bend

Maybe you’re more into mountain towns, and looking for a getaway while staying in Seattle. North Bend has plenty of forest trails and mountains to climb (if you both are into that type of adventure) and is just 30 minutes away from the city. Mount Si is one of the most popular hikes in Washington State in this area (an 8-mile roundtrip hike), but there are other more accessible hikes to explore. Another awesome elopement destination in the area is Rattlesnake Ridge. We love this peak for its scenic views.

Alki Beach

Within Seattle, you’ll find Alki Beach. This gorgeous beach can be busy during the weekends and summer season, but it’s perfect for weekday and off-season wedding ceremonies. You’ll get beach views along with a backdrop of the city behind you. To have your wedding ceremony here, you will need a permit. Any public park or area in Seattle does require a permit, so it’s important to check with your vendors and Seattle’s Parks and Recreation Department for more permit information.


Day Trip Elopement Options From Seattle

North Cascades

Another option is to travel to North Cascades during your Seattle wedding adventure. Maybe you both want to keep it simple, tie the knot at the courthouse, have a small reception with family and friends, and then travel to North Cascades the next day to take some epic elopement portraits. With jagged peaks, snow-capped mountains, alpine lakes, and some of the best trails to hike, North Cascades is a dream.

Mount Rainier National Park

About 2 hours away from Seattle, you’ll be able to enjoy some of Mount Rainier’s gorgeous backdrops. Aside from its views, we also love its year-round accessibility, perfect for winter elopements. You can elope near a cool fire lookout, rent an A-frame cabin to celebrate with family and friends, or just explore a remote trail.

If you’re thinking about eloping at other parks and elopement locations in Washington State, then we suggest finding an Airbnb near your preferred elopement location, rather than staying in the city. Seattle is great for couples who live there, want to elope nearby or have reception plans in the city. Talk to your elopement vendor if you’re not sure where to stay during your elopement!

Small Wedding Venues in Seattle

TreeHouse Point

Have you ever wanted to elope somewhere that felt like you walked into a storybook? Treehouse Point is probably one of the most unique small wedding venue spots near Seattle. Just about 30 minutes outside of the city in Issaquah, Washington, you’ll be surrounded by forest along the Raging River. You can easily host a small wedding here or just elope the two of you here. It’s the perfect place for couples who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. There’s lodging available for up to 20 people, so definitely contact them for wedding packages that include an overnight stay.

Dunn Gardens

Located within Seattle is beautiful Dunn Gardens. This wedding venue is perfect for couples who are looking for something private, yet outdoorsy. There are so many plants and flowers here, and we personally love the garden room you can rent out, with gorgeous windows all around, perfect for a micro wedding reception with your closest family and friends! This small wedding venue in Seattle is perfect for weddings with up to 60 guests, and the cost depends on what areas you would like to use during your wedding day.

The Corson Building

The Corson Building is everything a couple could want for an elegant small wedding with family and friends. The venue itself is gorgeous, covered in beautiful vines and greenery to appreciate, and the food is out of this world for your intimate reception. This venue was originally built as a home in 1926, so it definitely has an intimate and personal touch to it that you won’t easily find in other modern wedding venues.


Jump on a quick ferry ride from Seattle with you and your guests to one of PNW’s most unique wedding venues. Islandwood is on 250 acres of gorgeous forests. There are multiple options to have your first look, wedding ceremony, and portraits here, but all of the locations are dreamy and rustic. If you prefer to stay on-site, then Islandwood does offer accommodations!

One of the best features of planning your wedding here is what this venue stands for: they are dedicated to environmental education. We are also all about environmental education to protect our lands. LNT principles mean more couples can enjoy their elopement adventure for years to come.

When to Plan Your Seattle Wedding

elopement locations near Seattle

Photo by Emett Joseph

Have you ever heard that Seattle is the “rainy city”? This city is one of the rainiest places in the country, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan your wedding day here. After all, most overcast days are light drizzles versus downpours.

If you’re looking for the least chance of rain, then plan your elopement between July through September. We think embracing Seattle’s natural overcast weather is ideal for couples who want a moody elopement day.

Seattle Wedding License and Permit Information

Getting married in Seattle is similar to a lot of other locations we talk about. The marriage license itself is about $64 and there’s a 3-day waiting period before your license becomes valid. The license must be used within 60 days or the license expires.

One important thing to note is a marriage license from any county in Washington State can be used to get married anywhere in the state. So if you apply for a Seattle wedding license, but change your mind on your elopement location, you’re still good to go!

Apply for a Seattle Wedding License today.

Permits in Washington State, like every other state, are very important to protect the lands. While not all elopement locations will require a permit fee to be paid, all locations do require couples and vendors to follow leave no trace principles during their wedding day.

Even if you’re planning at a Seattle wedding venue, it’s important to respect the space you have decided to say your “I dos”.

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