Scotland Micro Wedding at Glen Dye Estate

Scotland Micro Wedding at Glen Dye Estate

After rescheduling their wedding multiple times, Andrew and Amanda decided to have a woodland wedding ceremony at Glen Dye Estate. This intimate wedding is great for couples who are planning a Scotland micro wedding. Get all the details from this couple’s special day.

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Planning a Scotland Micro Wedding

Photography by Emma Lawson Photography  and planning by team Coorie

Andrew and Amanda decided to elope at Glen Dye Estate, where there are cabins and cottages within a woodland area. There are plenty of places to plan your wedding in Scotland, one of our best places to elope in fact. Emma, the photographer, and her team recommend eloping in Scotland, not for its amazing landscapes and breathtaking views, but because you can get married literally anywhere!

“On a beach, in the woods, up a mountain. Even at your local pub if you want. All you need is a celebrant and a couple of witnesses. If you link up with a planner (like us!) they’ve got access to the very best Scottish wedding suppliers. Working with people who know and love the area means you have the very best advice on hand at all times. We also know all the top locations and are on hand to help you have the best experience ever. ” [Emma and team]

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Incorporating Family and Tradition During a Micro Wedding

A lot of couples think if you decide to elope, you are also giving up incorporating your family and some of the wedding traditions you love. This can’t be further from the truth.

“The beauty of an elopement is that it is all about doing things your way. Couples can keep any traditions they love and get rid of any that don’t feel right for them. It’s the same with family. Elopements give couples the chance to have their most favourite people in the world with them – whether that’s parents or siblings or best friends – without having to worry about offending any family members they might not have the space for (or those distant cousins you’ve not seen for decades but are insisting on an invite!)” [Emma and team]

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Details About This Woodland Micro Wedding in Scotland

Amanda is American and Andrew is Scottish. They were able to tie in all the traditions they love into their intimate woodland wedding with their closest family and friends.

There are so many details we love from the sweetest getting ready moments with the bride to the groom’s traditional Scottish wedding attire. We also love how they included their sweet pups during their ceremony as well.

Everything about this wedding ceremony in Scotland was super intimate, simple, and perfect. There weren’t any extravagant decorations, fancy plates, or huge reception after. They said their vows and toasted their new marriage with their family and friends.

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Are You Ready to Elope?

This intimate micro wedding is the perfect inspiration if you’ve been thinking about ditching those traditional wedding plans. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about your wedding planning process, then maybe it’s time to plan something more intimate.

“Do things your way! Don’t worry about what other people think or what wedding magazines tell you are must haves. Plan a day that includes the people and things that you love and enjoy the most.” [Emma and team]

Venue | Glen Dye Estate
Photography | Emma Lawson Photography 
Ceremony live steam | StrangeWorx Wedding Films 
Planning | Coorie 
Flowers | Kim Dalglish 
Cake | Pam Rennie Cake Design 
Celebrant | Neil Lynch 
Dress | Justin Alexander 

Photos From This Scotland Micro Wedding


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