A Romantic Picnic During This Sandia Mountains Elopement in NM

 A Romantic Picnic During This Sandia Mountains Elopement in NM

Stephanie and Branson traveled to Albuquerque, NM from Texas to have a relaxing elopement, just the two of them. This elopement was simple, including personal wedding vows at the Sandia mountains and a picnic set up in their truck bed with cake and whiskey. Get all the details to inspire you to keep things simple and perfectly romantic for your wedding day.

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Planning Your Elopement in the Sandia Mountains in NM

Photography by Crystal Cousin Photo

There are so many gorgeous spots to run off and explore together during your elopement in New Mexico, the Sandia mountains being one in particular. For this elopement, Stephanie and Branson didn’t know where they wanted to explore, all they knew is they wanted to be in the mountains. Once they found Crystal searching “Mountain Elopement” and viewed the weddings she photographed, they knew they wanted to elope in Albuquerque.

Crystal, the photographer, tells us even though you don’t need a permit to elope or have a photoshoot at this destination, you do need to take a tram ride to the top of the mountain, which is $29 per adult. 

“If you decide to go to the top of the mountain, there can be very deep snow in the winter, so just be aware of the time of year. The elevation at the top is also around 10,300, so be sure to hydrate especially if you are coming from out of town!” [Crystal, the photographer]

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Deciding to Elope

Deciding to elope is probably the most “stressful” part of the planning process for some couples. A lot of times, it can be difficult to tell your family and friends you won’t be throwing a big party inviting your distant aunts and cousins. However, it’s always important to go with what you both find important. If that looks like eloping off into the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico, then go for it.

“We wanted to do something that was special and intimate. Branson has a big family and originally wanted a traditional wedding. We started planning for that but quickly realized it was overwhelming and more so for everyone else than it was for us. His side of the family was disappointed they didn’t watch him be married off as the baby of the family, but they have been accepting of our non-traditional choice. Branson and I would choose an Elopement all over again.” [Stephanie, the bride]

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Incorporating a Personalized Picnic During Your Wedding Day

During this Sandia elopement, the couple decided to incorporate a romantic picnic set up in the back of their truck. This was a romantic way to celebrate their new marriage together, cut their cake, toast with whiskey, and enjoy some music.

“They wanted to have a place to just hang out for a little, sing and enjoy their whiskey and treats. The company they hired to set this up was great and had everything they needed. This is perfect because the couple didn’t have to worry about bringing anything but their whiskey! The table was actually custom made for this and now Luna y Sol has a low table for anyone wanting to do a setup in their truck for the future.” [Crystal, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This Sandia Mountains Elopement 

Stephanie and Branson decided to travel from Texas to New Mexico to exchange their vows and celebrate their marriage at the Sandia Mountains. For Crystal and her husband, the photographers, it’s always special when a couple decides to elope just the two of them. There are absolutely zero distractions for the couple, and they can have the most stress-free experience.

Photographer’s Memorable Moment:

“One of my favorite parts of this elopement was when Branson brought out his guitar and played/sang to Stephanie. It was BEAUTIFUL! She told me that he always sings around the house, so it was just perfect to have it be a part of their day. Another special moment was their private vows. When couples decide to read vows to each other privately and when there are no guests, we tend to stay further away from our couples during this time. I didn’t hear what they were saying, but the emotions on their faces told it all. They have such a beautiful love for one another.” 

Couple’s Memorable Moment:

“We loved that our day wasn’t rehearsed or structured. It was private, intimate, and vulnerable. We were able to be present in the moment together lost in the mountains. Crystal allowed our experience to unfold how we wanted. It was very us and organic.” 

Not Sure Where to Start Planning? Advice From The Photographer and Couple

The couple tells us that hiring a professional elopement photographer was definitely the way to go, or how Stephanie put it, “I bought a $78 dress from Lulus and splurged on the photographer. It was SO worth it.” 

Crystal helped the couple manage all the details, including location scouting, coordinating services with other vendors, and always giving them options to understand their personal preferences and style for their elopement. Unlike traditional weddings, elopements are 100% personal and a whole experience. It’s important to connect with a vendor who sees your vision.

“Oftentimes my couples will tell me that they don’t know what they are doing and that they have never planned an elopement before. This is totally normal and that is what your photographer is there for! Hiring someone who can help you through this process is so important because a lot of the time this is a couples first time getting married…It is so special being a part of the planning process for couples like this and then seeing their vision come to life!” [Crystal, the photographer]

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Photo | Crystal Cousin Photo

Ceremony Location: |Sandia Peak Tram

Picnic Setup/Rentals | Luna y Sol NM

Cake | Pretty N Baked

Florist: |Fern and Sun Palm (Etsy)

Jewelry | Wood Life Jewelry

Dress | Lulus

Custom shot glasses | SignatureGlassware (Etsy)

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