Romantic Sahalie Falls and Loloma Lodge Elopement in OR

Romantic Sahalie Falls and Loloma Lodge Elopement in OR

Kearsten and Codi decided to plan their elopement near Sahalie Falls after getting ready at Loloma Lodge with their closest family. We love this elopement from their slow morning together getting ready to them pulling out an ultrasound and revealing they were pregnant.

This Oregon elopement is a great idea for couples who want to include their family and friends. Search our elopement directory to start your wedding planning journey with one of our talented members.

Deciding to Elope Instead of Having a Traditional Wedding

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This couple eloped because they wanted to have an intimate experience with the limited number of people they invited.

“We have family spread out all over in Washington, Iowa, Kansas, and Canada; and we live in Arizona. We knew this would likely be the only time we got our immediate family all together at once, and we wanted to be able to enjoy the smallest moments of sipping coffee in the morning, to the big moments of saying our ‘I do’s.’ “ [Kearsten, the bride]

A lot of big weddings bring a lot of distractions and chaos. Many couples find themselves looking back on their wedding day and only recalling a blur of moments. Kearsten and Codi wanted their wedding day to be laid back with a side of adventure. That’s exactly what this elopement at Sahalie Falls ended up being.

Deciding Where to Elope

One of the hardest parts of planning your elopement has to be deciding where to elope. It’s only hard because there are so many places you can plan your elopement. This couple decided to elope at Sahalie Falls based on a previous road trip they had together.

“My husband and I took a road trip from Bend, Oregon to Seattle, Washington the previous year, and we happened to pull over at random to this hike. As soon as we walked up to Sahalie falls, I was awe struck. It felt other worldly, moss covered, and light peering through the trees casting magical shadows. As soon as we got engaged, five months after that road trip, Sahalie Falls popped into my mind. I knew if we could pull off getting married there, it would be a dream.” [Kearsten, the bride]

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Planning an Elopement at Sahalie Falls and Loloma Lodge

Loloma Lodge is an intimate, rustic accommodation about 20 minutes from the gorgeous Sahalie Falls this couple planned their elopement at. With the help of Kayla, their photographer, the couple’s planning process was smooth and easy.

“It turns out they were doing construction on the waterfall trail that week. The night before our wedding day, we were unsure if the trail would be open the next day. My husband left the morning of our wedding to check it out, and since we didn’t have any cell phone service out there, it was a stressful morning of waiting until he returned to let us know. Luckily the trail was open, construction was halted temporarily, and we would be able to get married there after all!” [Kearsten, the bride]

Memorable Moments During This Sahalie Falls Elopement

One of the most memorable moments has to be when Kearsten announced her pregnancy to her family. They ended up announcing their pregnancy during their first dance.

“I happened to be 10 weeks pregnant for our ceremony, and we hadn’t told anyone yet. So during our first dance, there’s a part in our song that goes, ‘Something I’ve been meanin’ to tell you
About three years and a day
I’d very much like to get married
Maybe have kids and move away…’

So during our dance, we made it so the song kept repeating the ‘have kids’ portion and ultimately cut out. Our family thought our song had accidentally skipped and were shocked when I said, ‘I guess the universe must want us to have kids.’ Then Codi pulled out the ultrasound from his jacket pocket. It was the perfect ending to our day.” [Kearsten, the bride]

Should You Elope?

A lot of couples hesitate to elope because they feel like they will lose tradition or their wedding may not feel like an actual wedding. Kearsten tells us this wasn’t true for them at all. Her younger sister married them, and they were surrounded by loving family and dedicated vendors who really cared about their special day.

“You always hear about destination weddings being in exotic places, but don’t forget that there are some truly epic places within the states that you can use to make your day unique.” [Kearsten, the bride]

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