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Romantic TreeHouse Point Elopement in Fall City, WA | Katie & Casey

Photographer Tiffany Rosendahl entered 2018 with a bang capturing this TreeHouse Point elopement. On a beautiful, grey morning, true to the Pacific Northwest, Katie and Casey celebrated their love under the treetops with only their parents and the bride’s brother in attendance. “Watching the weather the first part of the day, I was hoping the downpour would hold off for us,” Tiffany recalls. “Sprinkling here and there is easy to handle, but as everyone from this area knows, if it downpours and you are working under trees, it can get very cold and wet!” Luck was on their side, however, and they managed to adventure across hanging bridges and amongst treehouses for an hour before the weather turned.

Tiffany shares, “I wanted to spend as much time with the bride and groom as possible… photographing their love for each other while also capturing the small details of their day, the beautiful books they had their personal vows in and the gorgeous florals… the details of her dress and her grandmother’s necklace.” This setting provided the perfect backdrop for Katie and Casey’s elopement. The couple exchanged heartfelt vows to the soothing sound of the rain, creating what Tiffany describes as the most private and romantic environment. “These two have so much love for each other,” she says. “You can tell just being around them for five minutes how much they care for one another.”

Anyone else feeling inspired and just itching for a treehouse escapade?

Photography by Rosendahl Photography

“I worked to envision how I wanted them to look post-processing while shooting all day… This elopement really [pushed] my limits because of how dark it was throughout the day. I am thankful I know my gear and its capabilities… because four years ago, I would have had no idea how to handle that… I really had to lean on my skills of knowing how to get the most out of the situation…”

[Tiffany Rosendahl, Photographer]

“I adored the location, so remote and unique… their vows to each other were some of the most beautiful I have heard, and I of course cried. She had her grandmother’s necklace that all women in her family had worn on their wedding day, which was such a sweet story. Those were my favorite parts!”

[Tiffany Rosendahl]

Venue | TreeHouse Point

Thank you to Wandering Weddings member Tiffany Rosendahl for sharing this session, and congratulations to Katie + Casey!

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