Fall Elopement and Picnic at Red River Gorge in Kentucky

Fall Elopement and Picnic at Red River Gorge in Kentucky

Kyle and Karina decided to plan their intimate elopement at Red River Gorge in Kentucky. This elopement spot held so much meaning because Kentucky is Karina’s home state. Imagine sharing such a special place with the love of your life, while exchanging wedding vows, and surrounded by some gorgeous fall foliage.

Your elopement adventure doesn’t have to be somewhere extravagant. Sometimes planning an elopement in your home state can be the best decision. Explore our elopement vendors to start planning your wedding day.

Planning Your Elopement at Red River Gorge

If you’re planning a Red River Gorge elopement adventure, then you should know that it’s part of Daniel Boone National Forest. Permit information is handled by the Cumberland Ranger District. If you’re wedding party is under 75 people, then you currently don’t need to pay a permit fee or acquire insurance. However, this can change at any point. It’s important to check the park’s website for the latest permit information.

“A special use permit was not required for photographers who do not bring in any outside sets/props and do not hinder access by visitors more than normal visitor photography would, but this is subject to change as the forest service evaluates the impact on the land. You can learn more about permitting here.

National Bridge State Park is managed by Kentucky State Parks and requires different permits. Photographers must submit this form and couples can learn more about their options for weddings in state parks here.

The Leave No Trace guidelines are consistent with the national recommendations— stay on marked trails, bring everything out that you brought in, don’t use confetti/dried flowers of any kind, and don’t camp within 300 feet of any trail or road. You can see their full list of rules & regulations here.” [Sarah, the photographer]

Advice When Eloping in Kentucky

“I recommend thinking about how you enjoy spending your time together and going from there! Some couples love doing more challenging trails, while others are more into checking out a viewpoint on their way to snuggle up at a cabin for the weekend. If you’re into nature, but not as into the idea of hiking on a wedding day, you can totally do one or two short trails, and then relax at the cabin while making smores or soaking in the hot tub. Not all adventures have to be difficult!

Alternatively, if you’re a couple who loves longer, more strenuous hikes, you don’t have to shy away from that just because it’s the day you get married! You can absolutely do a full-day hike to say your vows on top of a cliff as the sun sets. Your elopement should reflect who you are as a couple and should be filled with the things you love!” [Sarah, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

“A highlight for me was definitely when they shared their earnest and personal vows. They clearly have a huge love for each other and have supported each other through so much— all while making the other laugh. I love how they encourage each other to be fully themselves, and how they have grown together.

The sun peaked out just as we made it to the top of the arch after being cloudy and rainy all day. It felt really serendipitous and magical!” [Sarah, the photographer]

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Photography | Sarah Katherine Davis Photography

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Photos From This Red River Gorge Elopement

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