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Red Mountain Park Couples Session in Birmingham, AL | Kathi & Josh

Photographer: Dakota Chasity Photography

Session: Couples

Location: Red Mountain Park, Birmingham, Alabama

From the Photographer:

“…Let me tell you, Josh & Kathi might be some of sweetest people you will ever meet. We decided to set our location at Red Mountain Park. I had actually used google maps to scout out a couple of spots right on the outskirts of the park. Well, after shooting for less than 5 minutes, we found out that we were in a restricted area that had not been properly marked off from visitors…But, the kind park ranger offered to take us to another spot that was even more beautiful than the place we had ventured to…No regrets here, other than the fact that I didn’t know about this lovely little place sooner!”

Member Spotlight Page | Dakota Chasity Photography

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