4 Reasons to Renew Your Wedding Vows Inspired by This Bowman Lake Vow Renewal
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4 Reasons to Renew Your Wedding Vows Inspired by This Bowman Lake Vow Renewal

Emily and Jonah are free spirits and found that hiking was one of those things that builds their relationship. Since they settled for a traditional Minnesota wedding a few years ago, this vow renewal at Bowman Lake was perfect for them to live out their dream elopement and also re-confirm their love for one another. Check out our 4 reasons to renew your wedding vows below.

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Deciding to Plan an Adventure Vow Renewal

Photography by Xsperience Photography

Did you have a traditional wedding and now you’re dreaming about an adventure elopement? It’s never too late to plan a couples adventure to celebrate your love for each other. Planning a vow renewal is a great alternative to planning an elopement and often includes a lot of the same elements.

“Our original wedding was traditional in all senses and although it went very well, and it turned out to be a beautiful day that we will never forget… There was still a piece of ‘us’ in our own interests that wanted to experience a more personal setting to relive our commitment to one another in a different, but special way. We both enjoy being in nature, and feel connected to the stillness and peace it brings to us.” [the couple]

Largely influenced by their desire to explore, they ended up in the outskirts of Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana. It was through the hundreds of miles they hiked in the backcountry that they continued to feel this desire to live out our personal dream of renewing their vows surrounded by Mother Nature and God’s beautiful creation.

4 Reasons to Renew Your Wedding Vows

Trisha, the photographer, shares 4 reasons to renew your wedding vows for couples who are considering recreating this Bowman Lake adventure in Montana.

You Both Want to do Something Special for Each Other

“It’s this excitement, this rare opportunity to do something different and special for one another, and have it documented so that it doesn’t pass by quickly and gets lost in the chaos of daily life; THAT is what makes vow renewals so special and important!”

Gives You The Opportunity to Celebrate Your Marriage in a Unique Way

Whether you both planned a traditional wedding or really love the idea of renewing your vows in nature, planning an adventure vow renewal is a unique way to celebrate your marriage together. Make it a full-on event and pretend like you both are getting married all over again!

Allows You to Reflect on Your Relationship Together

“Building a life together, staying true to one another after years of trial and error, and forging through the distractions and obstacles; now that most definitely deserves to be celebrated. Maybe even more so than an engagement and wedding!”

Reminds You Both Why You Chose One Another in the First Place

Planning a vow renewal is also perfect for those couples who have kids (whether they want to include them or leave them at Grandma’s).

“Some fun, relaxing alone time with no distractions is the perfect date night. And other times they feel confident and happy in their relationship, but can feel that quality family time is lacking, in which case a family adventure would make the perfect date night.”

About This Vow Renewal at Bowman Lake Near Glacier National Park

After talking about planning their vow renewal at Bowman Lake, the couple tells us the rest of the planning was stress-free. They started with breakfast and vows at sunrise, then a 12-mile hike, camping-style lunch, nap time in the hammock, a quick bath in the cold lake and ended with dancing in the rain! They literally showed up, enjoyed the day together, which was a breath of fresh air to them.

“Glacier is full of gems, but the Bowman Lake area has always been special to us…I’d have to say our favorite part was drinking coffee together and watching the sunrise over Bowman Lake and then reading our vows to one another while wearing our original wedding attire. The lake was glass, the critters were still asleep, and the beautiful sunrise cloaked the mountains in a cascade of colors. The only sound in the vast woods and mountains that surrounded us were our own heartbeats as we read our vows to each other.” [The couple]

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4 Things You Should Plan For If You Want to Recreate This Lake Bowman Vow Renewal in Montana

Ready to plan your vow renewal? Here are 4 things to keep in mind:

A Permit is Needed if You’re Officially get Married There

If it’s a vow renewal or you make it official outside the park, no permit is necessary. However, it’s important to note that this may change in the future. No matter how close or far away your adventure is, double-check with the park for the latest on permits and regulations.

Bears Live Nearby

Trisha tells us bear spray is highly advised. She also mentions the importance of respecting the rules of staying on the campground. Real flowers and food attract bears, so they need to be locked up in your vehicle, (not your tent!!) or stored in the campgrounds storage container. They will leave you alone if you don’t threaten them or provoke them with good-smelling food.

Lake Bowman is the “Road Less Traveled”

“It is a long, bumpy, narrow gravel road to the top after passing through Polebridge. Be prepared for that. I personally love it because I’m not a fan of tourists photo-bombing and ruining the romantic vibe, but it’s not for everyone.”

The Campground Does NOT Take Reservations

Unlike other parks, there are no reservations on this campground. This means that you have to be willing to improvise and have a backup plan if you can’t get a spot. Trisha tells us a spot usually opens up throughout the day, so if you arrive early and are patient, you have a good chance of getting a campsite, but it isn’t a guarantee.

Pro Tip from the photographer:

“The perk to hiring ELOPE WEST (an elopement team covering planning, styling, photo and video) is they arrive two days prior to be your patient ‘wing-man’. They’ll have your canvas tent ready and waiting for you upon arrival!”

Advice From The Photographer When Planning a Vow Renewal

Are you thinking about renewing your wedding vows? Trisha tells us she gives the same advice for planning a vow renewal as she does when planning an elopement.

“Think of the best date night you can imagine and then let me help you make it happen! Whether it be relaxing in a cabin kid-free and distraction-free, OR taking the kids to a secluded lake in Glacier National Park where there is no wifi or phone service so you all have a chance to disconnect with the online world and reconnect with each other (that’s my favorite). Many of my couples have kids. I make sure they know it is OK to bring them along and it is OK to leave them with Grandma without any guilt whatsoever.” [Trisha, the photographer]


Photo + Video | Xsperience Photography
Planner | Elope West
Stylist | White Loon Events
Lodging | Bowman Lake Campground

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