Intimate Rainy Mt. Rainier Elopement, WA

Intimate Rainy Mt. Rainier Elopement, WA

Rain on your elopement doesn’t sound all that bad when you have the entire park to yourself! Alyssa and Jacob were planning a traditional wedding but decided to elope instead. This rainy Mt. Rainier elopement is beyond beautiful. These two looked so happy and excited, despite the amount of rain they experienced (they were literally soaking wet).

“We knew rain was likely in the forecast, and we just embraced it. We all got wet, we had to take a break in our cars to warm back up before more pictures, but it was all worth it. I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything!” [Alyssa]

Check out all the details from this rainy Mt. Rainier elopement and advice from the couple and photographer, Katie.

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Photography by Katie Berg Photo

Details From This Rainy Mt. Rainier Elopement

Katie, their photographer, tells us how laidback, carefree and spontaneous these two were on their elopement day.

“It didn’t matter that there was unforeseen rain or fog, it didn’t get them down for even a second. They were so in love and all about having fun with each other, and the fact that they were getting married that day. They truly captured the essence of eloping — a day centered around committing two lives together in a small, meaningful, and intentional way.” [Katie]

This rainy Mt. Rainier elopement was SO simple. These two only had Alyssa’s older brother, Adam, as their officiant, and the couples’ best friends, Sidney and Sam, and their photographer, Katie, present. Alyssa and Jacob’s wedding attire may have been completely soaked, but these two looked amazing. We even think the unexpected weather gave them gorgeous photos to look back on years from now.

Since Alyssa and Jacob were originally planning a bigger wedding, it was easy to switch gears, even though they only had a month to plan it. Alyssa tells us Katie helped with all the details and permits for their rainy Mt. Rainier elopement ceremony, and she suggested different locations to choose from.

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Dealing With Unexpected Weather

When you decide to elope, you’re also deciding to accept whatever curveballs mother nature throws your way. For Alyssa and Jacob, this meant lots of rain and fog. Despite this, they remained positive and enjoyed their day.

Katie tells us the weather is something all couples need to prepare for, especially if they decide to elope in Washington. Washington is one of our favorite places to elope, but you can see snow, hail, rain, and sunshine all on the same day; so it’s important to keep an open mind when you’re planning your wedding day.

“When it comes to Mt Rainier, the key is to over prepare – hope for the best, but plan for the worst. My best advice to couples is to bring clear umbrellas (perfect for cute photos), rain jackets + additional layers for warmth and water proof / weather resistant hiking boots just in case of rain. Hand warmers, hydroflasks filled with warm liquids and a second change of socks are all helpful as well. But if it does rain, just have fun with it! Weather is just one part of the adventure that comes with eloping.” [Katie]

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Deciding to Elope in Mt. Rainier

Because of the restrictions surrounded with COVID, Alyssa and Jacob opted to elope in the wilderness and then celebrate with the family the following year. They ended up picking a location that held significant meaning to both of them.

“Jacob and I chose Mt Rainier because in 2019 we visited from Arizona to decide if Washington was somewhere we wanted to move, and when we went hiking up at Mt Rainier, Jacob ended up proposing! So it had a special place in our hearts already!” [Alyssa]

Mt. Rainier is beautiful and we think it’s even more picturesque when it rains (just look at these photos)! Katie tells us Mt. Rainier is perfect for elopements because there are so many different backdrops for your ceremony and portraits.

“It has endless views of waterfalls, meadows filled with flowers, fire lookouts, mountain views, and more. Whether you’re wanting a quick hike or a multi-day backpacking experience for your elopement, Mt Rainier has options for all.” [Katie]

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

This rainy elopement has many memorable moments. From the couple saying their vows under the pouring rain to the bride and groom being completely soaked towards the end of their ceremony.

Katie tells us their first look in the rain was memorable for her. She tells us you can tell how much he loves her just by seeing his reaction. Another memorable moment was when the fog rolled in. This allowed the couple and Katie to take some unique portraits, including some awesome ones at the end of their adventure in front of car headlights.

“My favorite part of the elopement while we were taking our couples photos. The rain stopped but the clouds were rolling in and out, to where we would have a full forest backdrop one minute, to complete fog and mist the next – and made the most magical atmosphere while taking photos!” [Alyssa]

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Photography | Katie Berg Photo

Photos From This Rainy Mt. Rainier Elopement

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