Rainy Cannon Beach Engagement, OR

Rainy Cannon Beach Engagement, OR

You don’t always have to wait for the perfect beach day to take your engagement photos. Sydney and Wyatt actually show us how amazing it is to enjoy a rainy Cannon beach engagement session in Oregon. Despite a Valentine’s Day weekend snowstorm, insane wind, and constant rain, these two fully embraced everything that came along with this rainy engagement session.

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Planning Your Engagement Session at Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is probably one of the most popular destinations for couples in Oregon. We asked Ashlee, the photographer, for her top tips when planning your engagement session here.

“Embrace misty rain, lots of wind, and chilly temperatures depending on the time of year. Luckily these things actually help you loosen up and be present in the moment (and it’s an excuse to snuggle up together!) Also, don’t be afraid to explore the area. There are so many great spots around Cannon Beach, aside from the classic Haystack Rock view. From the quaint downtown area to the hillside view looking down on the beach. Give yourself a day before to scope out all the best places.” [Ashlee, the photographer]

We always recommend teaming up with a professional photographer who has plenty of experience in the area, so you can know all the ins and outs when planning your adventure together. Whether you’re planning an engagement session, elopement, or post-elopement adventure, a professional elopement vendor will help you find the perfect spot while avoiding the crowds.

Another tip Ashlee mentions is to book ahead (both your vendor and accommodation), even during this rainy Cannon beach engagement session, local lodging was limited because it’s a small town and such a favorite among visitors.

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Preparing For A Rainy Engagement Session

Ashlee tells us West Coast beaches are known for their misty weather and wind, so if you’re planning a beach engagement session in Oregon, especially in winter or rainy months, you need to be prepared.

“Bring a few umbrellas to keep your couple, yourself, and your equipment dry. We loaded up with gloves, hats, and rain jackets when walking to and from our cars or to the next destination to keep them as dry and warm as possible. A small hand towel, a hairbrush, and layers are your best friends! I would highly recommend the couple changing outfits at least once, not only for variety, but also because the rain (even when it seems light) can soak through everything. Again, the spontaneity of shooting under these conditions really takes the edge off being in front of the camera, so just embrace the wildness of racing the waves, the wind in your hair, and the once in a lifetime experience of shooting your engagement session on the beach.” [Ashlee, the photographer]

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Details From This Engagement Session

Sydney and Wyatt had the best attitude about their session together. Not only did they plan their engagement session during the late winter months, but nature really tested them. Ashlee tells us their 4 and a half an hour drive ended up being over 8 hours because of the snowstorm.

“I was so afraid they would be over it by the time they arrived at Cannon Beach and discouraged by the weather, but they didn’t let it dampen their spirits at all. They truly embodied what every photographer hopes for when a couple says ‘we want to go on an adventure for our engagement session!’ The way they laughed off every inconvenience, embraced every crazy pose and prompt I gave them, and didn’t bat an eye when they were soaked by the end of the session made them a couple I will never forget working with.” [Ashee, the photographer]

Ashlee tells us these two were so laid back during this rainy Cannon beach engagement session. They trusted her vision entirely, and they didn’t mind if they were soaking wet. “Sydney didn’t care if her mascara ran a little, or when she had to peel wet jeans off to change into her next outfit. Wyatt could not have been a better sport, and he never once had anything but a smile on his face even when his boots were sinking into the sand or I had him give Sydney a piggyback ride for the tenth time!”

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Camera Shy? These Tips Are For You

Being camera shy is completely ok and normal for a lot of couples. Let’s be honest, it can take a little while to let loose in front of a camera, even for a model! Ashlee tells us doing something that makes you comfortable before you even arrive or during the shoot can make all the difference.

“Does music get you pumped? Jam out together on the way to your session, or play some songs you see yourself dancing to on wedding day to get in the spirit. Does a glass of wine or a beer relax you? Arrive early enough to hit a restaurant bar before your session or bring a beer and bottle to your shoot! Are you foodies? Let’s plan a picnic portion for your session. We can always incorporate the music, drinks, or anything fun and special into the photos as well.” [Ashlee, the photographer]

Another tip she shared is, to be honest with your photographer! We actually think this one is huge because having open communication with your photographer will lead to a much more enjoyable experience. Tell them if you have a preferred side if you feel self-conscious about any certain features, or anything that would make you feel more comfortable.

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Photos From This Rainy Cannon Beach Engagement


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