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Are you looking for the best places to elope? Puerto Rico is a gorgeous island to consider planning your elopement or micro wedding since it’s still a US territory, but it feels like a completely different world. This also makes it an ideal spot to plan your honeymoon! If you’re thinking about eloping in Puerto Rico, then check out all the details below when putting together your elopement package together.

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Elopement Vendors For Your Puerto Rico Elopement

Planning a Puerto Rico elopement adventure doesn’t need to be stressful. Relying on an experienced elopement team can help you avoid any hiccups when planning your day(s) out. We recommend teaming up with one of our elopement vendors who specialize in Puerto Rico elopements and small weddings, so that way you can spend the most time just enjoying your day.

Another great plus about hiring a vendor who has experience in the place you want to elope is they can make sure you have all the required paperwork and permit information for your elopement spot, they can share their own favorite spots to elope not many people may not about, and they can offer advice when it comes to what to pack and prepare for. Team up with a vendor below to start planning your wedding day in Puerto Rico.

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Where to Elope in Puerto Rico

El Yunque National Forest

If you’re looking for greenery, waterfalls, and plenty of trails to explore the El Yunque National Forest should be at the top of your list to consider for your adventure. This is actually the only tropical rainforest in the United States, making it a special spot to say your “I dos”.

There are also mountain peaks within the forest, the highest being 3,494 feet above sea level. We love this spot to elope because you have plenty of tropical flora and fauna to appreciate and you can really enjoy the true beauty of Puerto Rico here. Please keep in mind that permits and regulations change often here. Make sure you are up to date with the forest’s most up-to-date rules when eloping.

San Juan

If you’re looking for a good mix of culture and places to explore, then you need to visit San Juan. From exploring the corners of Puerto Rico’s capital to enjoying their festivals and nightlife. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to where you’re going to have your ceremony.

Some of the most popular spots in San Juan to plan your wedding include El Morro, Bateria del Carmen, Plazuela La Rogativa, Castillo San Cristobal, and Bastion de Dan Sebastian to name a few. For these locations and others in San Juan, you do need a special use permit. The price is dependent on how many people are in attendance for your wedding day. The fee starts at $150, but please double-check for the latest on regulations regarding permits.

Puerto Rico Beach Elopements

There are a ton of options when it comes to planning a beach elopement in Puerto Rico, after all, the island is surrounded by water! With that in mind, you can have a beach elopement at a resort, a public beach, or somewhere on a private small island. Depending on the beach option you pick will also depend on any fees you have to pay. For any beach location, however, please be respectful and practice leave no trace practices.

When to Elope in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a popular tourist destination, so it’s no surprise that the weather is beautiful year-round. Keep in mind with its tropical climate comes really hot and humid weather. Dress light and plan to expect large crowds during the summer months. Since Puerto Rico experiences tropical weather year-round, the best time to elope is usually the last part of the year from October to December when the humidity is lower and the average temperature is a lot more comfortable in the 70s. With that being said, you can plan your wedding day here year-round, just chat with your vendors about more secluded areas to elope and plan on a weekday.

Permits and Leave no Trace in Puerto Rico

Like anywhere you decide to elope, please follow leave no trace principles and follow the rules and regulations of the particular location you’re planning to visit. Some places may not be super clear about their permits, but that doesn’t mean it’s a free for all. We work our hardest to provide you with the most up to date information, but we always recommend double-checking with the actual location if any regulations have changed. Your vendor(s) is also another great resource to ask.
Remember to leave the places you’re visiting better than you found them, and to respect the area and the animals around there.

Learn more about leaving no trace here.

Puerto Rico Marriage Licenses

If you want to make things official in Puerto Rico, then you absolutely can. All you need to do is obtain a marriage license from the Demographic Registry office. There is also no waiting period, so this can be super beneficial for elopements. You will need an affidavit if you are not a resident of Puerto Rico and wish to get legally married on the island. The total fees for obtaining a marriage license is about $150. Once you have obtained your marriage license, you have 10 days to submit it back to make it official.

Best Places to Stay in Puerto Rico

When it comes to finding the perfect place to stay for your Puerto Rico elopement, you want to keep in mind where your elopement destination is. Once you have considered travel times to and from your adventure, think about who is staying with you at your accommodation. Finding unique rentals is always an awesome option for a more intimate and unique stay during your wedding day. Check out these places to stay we love:


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