Styling Your Elopement at Providence Canyon, GA

Styling Your Elopement at Providence Canyon, GA

For Bianca and Marcus’ 7 year anniversary, they put on their wedding attire to help show other couples how to style their elopement wedding at Providence Canyon in beautiful Georgia. Claire, the photographer, gives up all the tips and insight couples need to know when planning their elopement at this state park.

“Providence Canyon State Park is a great option for east coast couples wanting to elope somewhere closer to home with an adventurous environment! We were able to smash cake, took romantic photos, as well as fun ones; and we ended the night listening to both of them play guitar.” [Claire, the photographer]

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Tips For Planning a Providence Canyon Elopement

Planning your wedding day at Providence Canyon? You don’t need a permit! At the moment, there are none needed. However, Claire tells us this park is more suited for intimate elopements instead of micro weddings. The canyon doesn’t have room for many decorations, so in order to save time, stress, and leave no trace, this destination is perfect for simple elopements.

She also tells us the biggest advice she has for couples is to be prepared before you go. The canyon usually has a flow of shallow water in the canyon, and your wedding dress is most likely going to be dirty. Another important thing to remember is this location is about an hour away from the largest city, Columbus, GA, so it’s important to bring plenty of food and water for your elopement adventure.

“The biggest things to keep in mind for leaving no trace is to remain on the trails, stay behind the fencing to protect the canyon, and to not engrave anything in the canyon walls. Many of the canyon walls have engraving on them with sayings, names…It’s up to each one of us to do our part to avoid adding to that.” [Claire, the photographer]

Activities to Include During Your Elopement

Planning an elopement leaves plenty of room for extra activities. We asked Claire to share with us some of the best activities she has seen other couples include during their wedding day.

“Helicopters to take in the views, go to their first date spot, make music together by playing guitar, baking their own cake while getting ready for the day and doing a cake cutting, going on a sunrise hike in the morning (in casual attire) to start the day off with each other, and truly just anything that reflects the couple. That’s the best way to make an elopement day unique. There are so many options!” [Claire, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments During This Styled Elopement Session

The fact this couple celebrates their anniversary during this inspiration session was memorable in itself. However, Claire and our team LOVE how they both played guitar to serenade each other. This is a great reminder to couples to incorporate elements that reflect them as a couple and feel as authentic as possible.

“Think of your elopement day as an ultimate date day. Choose things that you will look back on in years and be so glad that you did that. Allow yourself to have time with each other on your elopement day, uninterrupted to just take in the moment.” [Claire, the photographer]

Are You Ready to Elope?

After seeing this romantic and simple elopement at Providence Canyon, are you ready to say “I do” to eloping?

“Imagine your wedding day without limitations or logistics yet, just imagine what you would want your dream wedding day to look like. If that includes 150+ people, that’s great. If that looks like having 20 of their closest family members present at a destination far away, that’s amazing. Or maybe that looks like splitting your celebration between 2 or more days so that one day is just for you two, then this is your permission to do exactly that.” [Claire, the photographer]

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