A Private Ranch Small Wedding Ceremony in Ocala, Florida

A Private Ranch Small Wedding Ceremony in Ocala, Florida

Kyra and Stephen’s Ocala small wedding ceremony was set on a private ranch surrounded by their closest friends, family, and their dearest animals.

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About This Private Ranch Small Wedding in Ocala

Photography by Anna Holden Photo

“They’re both horse trainers. They pour every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears into their work. And for these two, it’s what brought them together. Kyra and Stephen met at a horse sale. She sent him a message congratulating him on a sale and the rest was history.

From the beginning, Kyra had imagined oak trees with hanging moss as the backdrop to their vows. After some location research and scouting, they finalized their ceremony spot on a private ranch that had the vibe they were wanting – including a 500-year-old oak tree.

On their elopement day, I met up with Kyra at their home and spent time capturing her getting ready. Once Kyra was ready, we headed over to the private ranch where I met up with Stephen as he saddled up his horse to ride over to the vow spot.

They swapped private vows underneath the 500-year-old oak tree, which provided a symbolic meaning of deep roots and strength in marriage. The ceremony was underneath the shade of an oak hammock and surrounded by their closest friends and family.

Afterwards, everyone celebrated with a small reception full of group tequila shots and cake. We even snuck off towards the end to snap some cigar-smokin’ and champagne-poppin’ photos that had all the old western vibes and ended their elopement day with a bang!” [Anna, the photographer]

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Deciding to Elope

“We chose to elope because the stress of a formal wedding was overwhelming. It was taking the joy out of our special day. There were so many things to worry about and consider that it didn’t seem like it was about us anymore. My best friend and my husbands brother also eloped and said it was the best decision ever so we went for it!
The location we married at is a ranch that we work cows on occasionally. It is a very old Florida ranch that runs a few hundred head of registered Florida cracker cattle. It’s family owned and the most beautiful place we have ever been to. The family who owns it was gracious enough to welcome our elopement and helped make our day so special. Including sharing with us the 500 year old oak tree that was tucked away in the woods that we did our private vows under. This ranch holds a special place in our heart and will forever.” [The couple]

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Top Tips for Planning Your Elopement on a Private Ranch

“If you’re wanting to elope on a ranch, I would research wedding venues that have a ranch feel and allow elopements! If you want more of an authentic vibe, there’s tons of public lands and state parks that you can choose from. If you have a specific ranch in mind, reach out to the owners and tell them what you’re wanting to do. You never know – they might love the idea!” [Anna, the photographer]

Details From This Wedding

“They’re both very go with the flow people and they were just super stoked to be getting married under some gorgeous oak trees. Their love for animals really shined throughout the day from Kyra getting ready with her cockatoo, to vows with their dogs, and spending some portrait time with their horses. It’s intertwined in who they are and I think animal people are just the best kind of people.

It might not be the true definition of a detail, but the 500-year-old oak tree was breathtaking. It was massive and had so much history that you really felt its presence when Kyra and Stephen were exchanging private vows. It was the perfect backdrop for symbolizing a strong, weather-proof marriage with deep roots.” [Anna, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Wedding Day in Ocala

From the photographer:

“I loved how Kyra and Stephen included all their animals in their day. It made the day that much more special. I loved how everyone took a group shot of tequila at the end to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Graycheck! I especially loved how Kyra and Stephen wanted to have a private celebration with some good cigars at night and pop champagne. All in all, it was an amazing day!”

From the couple:

“My favorite part of the experience was how stress free, intimate and truly special our day was. We only had 8 people and everything went so smoothly. We could truly enjoy our wedding day together with a few of our closest friends.”

Final Words of Advice

“Anyone that is considering elopement I say do it! You’ll be surprised the support and I understanding you receive. It is you and your partners day and it needs to be truly about you! Follow your heart, create your own vision, find a badass photographer and make the day everything you want ❤️” [The couple]

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Photography | Anna Holden Photo
Florist | Fern & Curl Designs 

Photos From This Wedding in Ocala

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