An Epic Sunset Hike Filled With Pride and Love

An Epic Sunset Hike Filled With Pride and Love

Jen and Deanna planned the most epic sunset hike in gorgeous Sedona, AZ. They kept it a secret from their family and friends and rocked their wedding attire during their hike. Get all the details and tips from the photographer, Jenna.

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About This Couple’s Sunset Hike in Arizona

Imagine rocking your white wedding attire and hiking amongst the most picturesque ledges surrounded by beautiful red rocks, all the while getting the bottom of your outfit dirty from your adventure.

“Jen and Deanna wanted an adventure for their elopement day! They had dreamed of hiking to their ceremony destination. When we brainstormed activities for their day, they both kept coming back to that experience, so it was definitely a no-brainer for them. For couples that are struggling trying to decide what they want to include in their elopement day, I find it helpful to start by brainstorming what a perfect day date looks like to you! For Jen and Deanna, they knew what they wanted and they weren’t afraid to make it happen. I wish more couples had that confidence. They shared fierce independence together that was infectious and inspiring. It made capturing their day natural and authentic. They were ready to start their lives together.” [Jenna, the photographer]

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Hiking in Your Wedding Attire

We can’t get over these two, their matching pride socks and hiking boots, and their emotional vows. But what really got us was their jaw-dropping wedding attire. These two wore the perfect outfits for hiking during their elopement adventure.

Here are Jenna’s top tips when it comes to hiking in your wedding attire:

  • Wear proper hiking/outdoor footwear. Not only from a safety perspective (cliffs and slick rock surfaces aren’t ideal for high-heels if you know what I mean!) but from a comfort perspective! Choose footwear that you feel comfortable and confident in. Maybe even splurge a little to get boots or trail runners you’re really stoked about and don’t mind seeing in your photos!
  • Wear something that you can move in! Stay away from restricting fabric and designs that are too tight to properly move your body in.
  • Be aware of the elements! If it is going to be on the warmer side, pack the sunblock and maybe even a bandana you can get wet and wear around your neck. If it is going to be cold, bring a warm jacket! You won’t regret the puffy when it’s 40 degrees and the wind is chilly.
    Don’t be afraid of a little dirt, especially on your wedding attire 😜

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Top Tips When Eloping in Sedona

Let’s talk location: Sedona. One of the most epic spots to plan an elopement ceremony, but also one of the most popular.

Here are some top tips for your Sedona Elopement:

  • Be open to a weekday ceremony/elopement
  • Look to include experience-oriented activities that highlight the location and/or scenery. You’re in Sedona, let’s explore that gorgeous red rock! Whether that is with a hike, helicopter tour, or 4×4 Jeep trail ride!
  • Trust your photographer or planner with finding unique trails that are off the beaten path.
  • Plan a date that is between November – February for the best weather!

Must-haves to pack for a Sedona adventure:

  • Water!
  • Headlamp for night hikes to capture star photos or for hikes to early morning sunrise ceremony location.
  • Sitting blanket – it’s nice to be able to take a trail break and set up a mini picnic to enjoy the amazing views.
  • Trail snacks!

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“Their first look was total excitement! Both of them were completely elated to see the other, and both were awestruck with the other’s beauty. It was as if the realization of the day began to hit.
They were complete trail queens! The trail they chose has a few steep sections where it is more rock scrambling than hiking, and they didn’t even hesitate. It was impressive!

During their intimate, heartfelt ceremony and vows a small crowd of hikers had gathered, and following their first kiss they erupted in the most wonderous cheers! It was definitely a goose-bump moment for me.

We ended their elopement with epic star photos among the red rocks and it was so special being able to watch the sun fade from the sky and the stars peep their way out into the world.”

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Take Away When Planning at a Trail in Sedona

“With the rise in popularity of Sedona trails, I have started to recommend sunrise ceremonies and sessions to many of my couples. This helps alleviate the stress of travel, parking, and fellow hikers on trails. I find my couples are often searching for seclusion for their elopement day (or session!) and that is getting tougher and tougher to find, especially with the more popular trails! Opting to have a sunrise ceremony really helps provide a more intimate setting.” [Jenna, the photographer]

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Florals: Sedona Mountain High Flowers 

Hair and Makeup: Sedona Beauty Team 

Officiant: Jen Paul of Life Passages 

Getting Ready Location: Enchantment Resort

Photography: j.gracie photography, LLC

Photos From This Sunset Elopement Hike in Arizona


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