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Planning Your Elopement

Planning an elopement and overwhelmed with where to begin? Use this resource as your guide! Choosing to forego a traditional wedding does not necessarily mean you eliminate the stresses of planning entirely. Big tasks are often more manageable when they are broken down into smaller steps. Strategize how you will tackle planning your elopement by [...]

Creating a Timeline

Looking for ways to bring a bit of structure to your elopement? Use these tools to outline a loose timeline for your day! Avoid added stress by allotting more time than you think may be necessary for each activity - no one enjoys rushing. The goal is to create a relaxed schedule that allows you [...]

Packing for Your Elopement

Got everything you need? Whether you're traveling to a nearby park or halfway around the world, don't forget to pack these items as you prepare to say "I do!" Use these lists as a reference and add to them to create your own personalized elopement packing checklist. Attire Bride Gown/outfit Shawl/coat Jewelry [...]