Sunset Elopement at Petit Jean State Park, AR

Sunset Elopement at Petit Jean State Park, AR

This elopement at Petit Jean State Park is everything the couple, Chaney and Clancy, hoped for. They were able to keep their special day intimate, include some loved ones, and explore some of the gorgeous views in Central Arkansas.

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Planning Your Wedding Day at Petit Jean State Park

Photography by Boston Mountain Photo

“Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas is so beautiful! There are so many gorgeous locations and lots of places to stay on the mountain. I would highly recommend visiting the park before eloping, or working with an elopement photographer who is very knowledgeable about the park so that you can figure out which locations feel right to you! Petit Jean has a waterfall, caves, stunning overlooks, and scenic vistas, so there are a lot of options to choose from!”[Laura, the photographer]

You don’t currently need an elopement permit to elope on Petit Jean Mountain, but you can always call the State Parks office for any further information about wedding ceremonies. Remember, special use permits are subject to change, so it’s your responsibility to double-check and make sure you’re following the latest requirements! 

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

Laura tells us Chaney and Clancy really went with the flow the whole day– nothing felt rushed, which we love to hear! Your wedding day should feel absolutely stress-free! These two had a simple elopement with friends and family, but it felt incredibly intimate and special.

“I love that Chaney and Clancy’s dog was running around the whole time– it really felt like a backyard wedding with everyone wearing mismatched bohemian dresses. It was such a chill day– exactly what you would want from an elopement.” [Laura, the photographer]

Details From This Sunset Elopement Adventure

  • Chaney and Clancy shared personal vows
  • Blue hour lantern photos
  • Mismatched bridesmaid outfits!
  • The time of year– it was early October and the colors were just incredible.

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Planning Your Elopement in Arkansas

“Petit Jean is easily one of my favorite places to elope in Arkansas! When people elope, they don’t always think of Arkansas (or the midwest!) as an elopement destination, but Arkansas is really beautiful! There are gorgeous mountains with sunlit views, rivers and roaring waterfalls, lush pine and cedar groves, and lots of fun things to do here, especially for the outdoor enthusiast!” [Laura, the photographer]

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Photography | Boston Mountain Photo
Low’s Bridal and Formal @lowsbridalandformal

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