Pedernales Falls State Park Elopement

Pedernales Falls State Park Elopement

Julia and Kennon switched their big wedding plans to an intimate elopement at Pedernales Falls State Park in Texas due to the pandemic. Instead of a big wedding party, they planned a wedding day with just the two of them, their best man, and maid of honor.

Pedernales Falls State Park is a stunning location for couples to consider eloping to. These two eloped at Sunrise and then returned back to their Airbnb for drinks and to spend some time on the hammock.

If you’re thinking about eloping somewhere different in gorgeous Texas, then this is the perfect inspiration for you to start planning your elopement together!
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Eloping at Pedernales Falls State Park

We love this elopement location for two reasons, you can get gorgeous views, and there’s also plenty of open space to focus on the two of you.
Nikole’s advice for eloping here is to pay attention to the weather. Julia and Kennon eloped during sunrise to avoid the crowds and the heat. On the day of their ceremony, there was a heatwave!
This area also floods very quickly and the landscape can make it really dangerous to explore, which means having a plan B is always important with this area.
She also recommends getting a day pass at least thirty days in advance for your wedding day or even 90 days if you want to camp!

Since this area is popular, Nikole emphasizes practicing leave no trace principles while enjoying public lands and talking to park rangers about the latest updates on special use permits and regulations.

elopement ceremony in Texas at Pedernales Falls State Park

Details We Love About This Couple’s Wedding Day

Julia and Kennon kept things simple, and we love that!
A lot of couples still don’t know what it really means to elope, so a lot of couples get overwhelmed looking at our Instagram or elopement stories.
You don’t need a ton of flowers or an elaborate elopement plan to have a beautiful wedding day together. Keeping things simple is what elopements are all about.
“Nikole is an incredible elopement photographer. She helped us pick a place, she arranged a timeline for us, helped pick out the flowers, EVERYTHING. We had a beautiful ceremony and it almost felt effortless. The memories made were priceless, and when I got the photos back I was SHOCKED. The photos are so breathtakingly gorgeous that I almost can’t even believe they’re of us!” [Julia]
bride and groom getting ready together for their wedding day

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

We love how they got ready together in their Airbnb, and we also love how carefree and natural they were during their elopement ceremony together.
Imagine enjoying the sunrise, alone at this gorgeous elopement location? The day was relaxing, stress-free, and there were so much laughter and happiness.
“Spending the morning with all of them gave me so much life. Kennon had all the Dad jokes and got very excited about the fish in the river. Julia was full of energy from the start. She got equally excited over the dogs we passed.
We hiked together before the literal hottest temperatures of the year rolled in and went back to their airbnb for mimosas, dosequis and hammock hangs all before noon. It. Was. Perfect.” [Nikole]
elopement announcement for bride and grooms wedding day

Are You Not Sure You Want to Elope?

Some couples don’t see eloping as a true wedding experience.
A lot of couples think elopements are planned in a hurry or not given much thought. In fact, elopements tend to be more intimate than traditional weddings. This is one of the main reasons why so many couples decide to elope.
“Don’t look at it as a ‘lesser than option’, this is still your wedding day, you are still committing to the love of your life! Treat this day with the same care, love, and attention as you would a big traditional wedding.” [Nikole]
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elopement portrait edits with overlay detail at state park in Texas

Why Do You Love Capturing Elopements?

Nikole loves helping couples in Texas plan a wedding day that truly represents them without all the fluff that comes with a big traditional wedding.
“The day you get married shouldn’t be boiled down to a one size fits all celebration. I love that elopements give the couples the freedom to do what they want, at their own pace. To have a memorable experience and spend quality time together on the day they get married. Love is an adventure, why can’t your wedding day be?” [Nikole]
Thank you Nikole for sharing this amazing wedding day at Pedernales Falls State Park!


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Photos From this Pedernales Falls State Park Wedding Day

elopement details for Pedernales Falls State Park bride and groom getting ready together for their wedding day elopement ceremony in Texas at Pedernales Falls State Park  

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