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Overnight Desert Safari Elopement Inspiration Session in San Mateo, NM | Kamryn & Jack

This safari-inspired session will transport you to New Mexico and take you on a wild journey through the desert.

Although these images speak for themselves, we are delving a bit deeper. Elopement aficionado and creative director Raymond Linam and photographer Paul McPherson invite us behind the scenes to share their experience working with a phenomenal creative team. The best part? This adventurous elopement experience, set at Desert Harbor Retreat, can be replicated for any couple. Take a closer look at how this styled session came together!

Photography by Shutterfreek

“New Mexico and the Southwest have a soulful, austere beauty that grows on you the deeper you explore into it… We didn’t just want [Jack and Kamryn] to loiter on the edges but [instead] dive in and swim in the endless expanse of wind, rock, and time.”

“This styled shoot is purposed to highlight an overnight glamping experience for couples that includes a guide, wrangler, chef, officiant, photographer, transport, and all the outfitting to make them comfortable in a completely wild and unfiltered desert setting. Desert Harbor Retreat is now poised to offer several select opportunities for couples to have this experience each year.”

“We wanted to highlight a burgeoning opportunity for eloping couples not just to look like they were ‘there’ but to actually remain there a while – to taste the sand in their teeth, feel the wind in their hair, know the heat of an unforgiving sun and the cold in its absence, [and to] be [so] awestruck by stars so plentiful, tears are the only appropriate response.”

“Stylistically, we wanted the beauty of the desert to speak for itself, so adornments were kept to the bare minimum… However, we also went to great lengths to arrive at extremely remote locations that are completely public and open for any couple to have and enjoy this same experience.”

“[Ultimately] we wanted to explore and simulate a complete ‘off the grid’ New Mexico safari elopement experience, making it as real and tangible as possible. We wanted to take a couple deep into the desert and demonstrate photographically what can happen when they are given time to fully experience it.” 

“We didn’t want to drop another gorgeous couple into a beautiful backdrop… We wanted the couple to experience the land physically, emotionally, and spiritually and to capture this in a way that would tell the full story!”

“…with gail force winds that added an intense amount of drama to the actual marriage ceremony, it was every bit as insane as it looked to get those photos. There were a few times when we all felt like our lives were in the balance!”

“The 360-degree views were absolutely insane – zero traffic or human activity for at least 30 miles in all directions.”

“…an adventurous elopement story can be told in an unlimited number of ways… we wanted this story to be completely unique… stripped down in its beauty.”

Florals | April’s Garden
Hair & Makeup | DRS Color Studio
Location & Coordinating | Desert Harbor Retreat
Transportation | NM Jeep Tours

Thank you to Wandering Weddings members Paul + Katie McPherson of Shutterfreek for sharing this session!

Member Spotlight Page | Shutterfreek

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